One foot riding tips

I started trying to ride one-foot day before yesterday and it took me several sessions to understand that getting my “free” foot placed just right on the frame was the most impostant thing–at least for me. I kept fumbling the foot placement, usually having my foot extended too far and my toe would drag the tire and I’d pitch off in a flash. Once I perfected snapping my foot back and up (a tricky move to get it just so) onto the frame I could crank eight or nine revolutions right off. There’s a lot of precision with the foot-to-frame move, and uit felt totally bizarre at first. For anyone who is trying to learn one foot riding, practicing getting that foot placed correctly (I did so leaning against a truck) will likely radically steepen your learning curve.

I ate so much asphalt trying to get this I wanted to chuck my uni in the dumpster. It also imtimidated me like crazy. A great mental exercise on letting go.

It’s fantastic learning new stuff, especially at my age (50).



I’ve been trying that lately… Most I can get is about a full pedal revolution (Not much time to get my foot on the fork). But thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give it a try.

I can get 10-15 rev’s now and the best thing I can tell you, as someone who’s at about the same level, don’t put yor foot on the crown. At least when starting off. I just held my foot to the fork and found it much easier. Are started putting my foot on, once I got the hang of it.

For beginning beginners, just try lifting your foot from the pedal as it comes on the upward part of its revolution. Put most of your weight on the other pedal too. You’ll find you can hold it off for a little more each time.

Thats wmy findings anyway.

When I first learned to ride one footed, I couldnt get my foot up to the crown. I just couldnt find it without losing my balance. So my foot just dangled in the air. Once i could do about 20 rotations dangling, i remembered I still didnt put my foot up. So I forced myself to put it up there. Within an hour I was riding down the street. Its so much easier and stable with your foot up

Yo, David, et al:

The problem is that I got a prototype trials uni from KH (a climbing buddy) and there ain’t much of a frame. Today I blew off the Muni, put in two practice sessions and got up to about 20 strokes; but still, half the time (if not more) I’d bungle the foot placement, boot the tire and instantly UPD.

It’s a trip when you hit that effortless groove and can just go. Likewise, how amazing that it first felt totally impossible and two 30 minute sessions later you’re motoring down the block – some of the time.

It’s fun to share these experiences with other folks working on the same challenges.

Thanks for the encouragements.


Congratulations vivalargo! Do you hold the seat when riding one-footed?

The progression of my kids was

—Holding seat, free foot hanging.

—Holding seat with free foot on frame.

—Hands free, foot on frame.

They now go up and down steep stuff one footed. If I don’t practice it daily I seem to lose it, though it sounds like I’m about with you on skill progression.

haha u shud see the amount of balnce i lose trying to find the crown on my 28" frame i run on my 20" trials uni, its soo bizarre lifting your foot that high, on the other hand it looks cooler )ive been told) because my foot is no where near the wheel

What I have to do right before lifting my foot up to the crown is take a look at the crown. Somehow that helps my brain tell my foot exactly where to go. When that foot comes off the pedal, I only have a split second for it to be residing in its place on the frame.

I switch unicycles too. I have to lift my foot way up high on my MUni. Really put a tight bend in the knee. But on the Summit its not so high. So a glance before the first couple of attemts helps that foot move into position quickly and confidently.