One Foot Riding Pedals

I’ve been trying to learn to one foot ride for a while now and I’ve been having difficulties. I got one footed idling down pretty quickly but one footed riding is still evading me. I’m just wondering if it could possibly be due to my pedals. I have a really old Schwinn and the pedals are plastic and flat with absolutely no grip. Does more grip help at all?

More grip would help… but its probably not the solution. Just more practice. Best way to learn one foot riding is to hover your foot on the pedal, don’t put it straight on the frame. Worked for me anyway. Ride fast, hover your foot on the pedal for a rev then put it back on, then work it up to the frame.

Sorry if I’m crap at explaining things XD

when you ride one footed the key is to be as centered over the unicycle as you can and to have speed to keep the wheel spinning. if you are slipping off your pedals then i would suggest getting pedals with more grip then.

I do not mean to be contradictory, but I would say the opposite is true. Putting your foot on the frame makes you stay stable, helping you to have fewer problems balancing as you work on it more. :slight_smile:

At least that is how I learned it. It only took me an hour’s practice that way. :sunglasses:

+1 on that anyway. :wink:

Thanks for all the replies.
So I ended up doing it without my foot on the frame and it seemed to work better for me. I’m up to ten revolutions now when I could barely do one before. And that part about the pedals not being a problem definitely helped me because I couldn’t blame them for my failed attempts anymore. That definitely helped me learn. :slight_smile: