one foot riding on muni

i know there are extensive posts on one foot riding. still, i’m having trouble. i have a chunky tire on my 24 and my seat height means it’s hard to get my foot on the crown. and, i can’t get my foot comfortably and reliably past the 12 o’clock position and onto the next stroke. any tips?

Practice practice practice. It took me forever to learn one foot riding on my N26 and im still not consistent

Can you idle one-footed? I think that’s easier than riding one footed. Doing that gets you used to keeping all your weight on the seat and using your core for balance. Once you get that, try lifting your foot off the pedal for part of the stroke until you are able to do it for the entire stroke. Make sure you get enough momentum to get the crank all the way around.

I learnt at first without putting my foot on the crown, then once I was confident enough I started putting it on the crown.

i can one-foot idle but can’t get rolling into a one-foot ride from that position. is this the best way to practice, gradually increasing the idle arc and the go for it or should i commence from a two-footed ride, releasing the foot (and trying to place on the crown) whilst in motion? what are the core muscles doing? should i be using stabilizing force on the crown foot? hand on seat to start or always in the air?

Same here. Just ride and try to remove 1 foot for 1 revolution, if you can do that, try 2 revolutions and so on…
Then if you can do, say, 10 revolutions try to put your foot on the crown.

Definitely thought this post was going to be about riding off road one-footed. Now I’m disappointed. (As is Beau Hover.)

Good luck learning!

No. I thought that would be the way too and was not making progress. Even though I can idle well one-footed, I was not able to transition. I learned one-footed riding (on a 19" trials uni) by riding forward and taking my foot off the left pedal for longer and longer periods until I got it. I would pick my foot off and put it in front of the uni instead of the crown. Once I started doing this I put my foot on the crown and made quick progress.

It’s all in the hips.

It is a really fun trick. Have patience!

I first learn to one-foot idle before rolling into one-footed riding. Though, this was on a 20" of course. Is this the only uni you’ve got? Otherwise you could first learn on a smaller wheel, then once you learn how to do it it’s just a case of raising your foot a bit higher to reach the muni’s frame.

thanks for the tips. yeah, the muni is what i’m learning on. it would be nice to get another uni in a 19 or 20 but it may be a slippery slope of acquisitions!

so, i can idle with foot on crown but not roll into a ride, and i can get two rolls in with foot dangling but rarely get to three - so i don’t really think i’m one foot riding AT ALL; i must be just getting momentum and getting a few lucky revolutions; i.e. it doesn’t even come close to feeling repeatable. anyway, i’ll keep trying.

oh, and to scotthue - i tried to change the title of the thread but cant seem to edit it (mods?) - sorry you were disappointed - but if you wait a few years i may just take the skill to the trails as my penance and redemption.