one foot idling

This is just a short thread to celebrate my being able to one foot idle today (at the Manchester Juggling Convention) for the first time ever. Yeah!

good job!

I wish I could OFI…sigh

YES! It makes me feel good to be able to do it and does’t hurt anyone, how much more useful can you get than that!

nice one! :wink:

You go, girl. You’re really progressing fast.

Is unicycling useful?

It will be when our new bike-hating alien overlords arrive!

its like doing drugs except healthier

Now you need to learn to cross your legs like a lady as you idle. :stuck_out_tongue:

Russians hate bikes? :thinking:

Don’t know that I’ve ever behaved like a lady before. :smiley:

What was it like to learn that? I never take a foot off a pedal, that must feel really risky, and then to idle…Great rollin Cathwood. :sunglasses:

Sweet! I did it for the first time yesterday too! It really is an awesome feeling! Congratz!

congrats on the onefoot idling. I was so surprised when I was able to do it:)


Kitty is happy for you

Congratulations on the one-foot idling…I have yet to try it.

Thanks everybody :smiley: