One foot iddle NC-17?

Despite the presence of Sweaty Secret Service men jogging around the park (in anticipation of the arrival of AL Gore), just about everybody picked up new skills on Sunday at an impromptue (sp- heh) meating of the MUC in Overton Park.

Bill nailed the standard mount, while Lewis picked up Bill’s Magic Turtle (previously Bill’s only mount, which involves a tie-dye shirt and 20" cycle combined with a wheal-grab-mount), and Tommy consistantly stuck a side mount after only 3 minutes of practice. Whooo hooo!

I felt a bit out of the loop, so commandiered one of Tommy’s army of 20" unicycles, and tried my foot at iddling. As always, my single foot couldn’t keep the cycling moving in iddle- in short order it wobbled to the down position and I commenced to fall off. So, there I was, feeling lamer than usual, assessing my options: the one foot wasn’t going to do it, and the crown foot was no help either. How was I going to pump energy into the wheel when the only other point of contact with the cycle I was sitting on…?

So it was that I vigorouly applied the final key step from ‘The Time Warp’, transforming myself from a Spandex clad incompatent to some sort of 1 leged Go-Go dancer on a unicycle. The lack of responce from my follow MUCsters leads me to believe that either my technique or figure is lacking.

Anyway, should I feel dirty?


no!,you sould feel like a cheater

But… it… it was only that one time- that little 20" cycle ment nothing to me, honest. Medina will understand.

Won’t she?


thats not what i meant,see test thread for further evidence of the cheat in progress and the evil’z commited there in.

Could you post a link? My ‘Post Reply’ finger is sore…



Re: One foot iddle NC-17?

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>impromptue (sp- heh)

Chris you are one funny guy to just insert ONE (sp) qualifier in your

Klaas Bil