one foot foward please!!!

okay, i have been trying to go foward with one foot for about half of the week and i was wondering like if you all could give me some tips on it, like what part of my foot to put on the frame and what if any part should be touching the tire and any tips on how to do it.
thanks to anyone who responds

ous I posted answer as new thread

When I learned ot do it I learned it without putting my foot on the frame I think it’s easyer that way and I was leaning a bit back to bring my pedal back. What I suggest you is go fast with pedaling with your 2 feets then take one of and try to keep stright you can lean a lil backwards or front wards but its not really gonna help you.

the more grippy pedals work best, as you have more travel area then where you can push and pull on the pedal.

be smooth, rather than pushing as hard as possible on the downs to get you through the ups.
Resist the pedal coming back up slightly–this gives you control to stay on, even if it hurts your momentum a bit.
Don’t touch the tire at all.
I didn’t learn by putting a foot on the frame, I just bend my left leg at the knee and held my lower led parallel to the ground. Later, I learnt to put it on the frame, but I still find that more difficult–but I am in the minority here.
I find it easier on my 24 or 28 (more momentum=smoother) than on smaller wheels, but I suck at smaller wheels and don’t ride them often at all.

It’s a lot easier with your foot on the frame. I like to rest the middle of my foot on the frame. Don’t touch the wheel with your foot if at all possible.

One Footed

If you have questions about anything, look around that site and try this excellent feature.

The important thing is to get your foot on the frame. Once I got that, everything else fell into place. Be heavy on the pedal for the down stroke, and very very light on the up stroke. Once you go a few revolutions with one foot, you’ll figure out exactly how much pressure to apply at what time.