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Hey heres a new vid from me.
sory for the uncreative name^^
i wanted to make it longer but i am injured again and i probably wont be able tor ride for a couple of weeks so i decided to upload it .
let me know what you think :):slight_smile:

I LOVED IT! The outfifth was so stylish! I love how you catch it and ride out so perfectly! Make more videos, brother!

Siiiiiiickkk, loving your style dude. Outfifth was beautiful.

That was awesome man, you have really nice style! I think that might have been the cleanest outfifth I’ve ever seen. The fulloutback was sick too, and all the combos were pretty creative. Definitely keep posting videos. :slight_smile:

thank you .. omg nice to here such thinigs from riders like you i really appreciate it :D:)

Awesome! Everything was so clean and smooth. The outfifth was one of the best I’ve seen. The combos and everything else were very creative and nice too.

loved it man :slight_smile: full out back flip was siick also!

a great German flatlander!Nice!