Once you go flat, you never go back!

After talking to Terry (Unigeezer) and seeing some threads here, I decided to redo my KH36 seat. Base is a Scott Wallis carbon, custom aluminum aerobars, XTR disc brake. Made it flatter with really firm foam, very comfy.

Looks great. I’m never going back to a curved seat either.

Looking good! (Godzilla leading the charge is my favorite.)

BTW, your old Coker is still rolling along, cranking out the miles (and yes, with a new flattened KH FR seat, courtesy of Nurse Ben).


It looks really good +1

Looks great Jim, are you planning to make it thinner, vertically?

(Best I could do with ms paint)

No, Terry, I won’t go thinner, I made it exactly what I wanted within the confines of the base. Also, because of the “Love channel” “Gonad groove” for prostate health. there has to be some thickness, see photo.

Glad the Coker and you are still rolling.

Haha, good one! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, this title sounds like the thread is about a tire failure…