Once again, Ivanhoe idea what I'm doing

Ever since I bought my first unicycle in 1987, I have had a vague desire to try jousting.

19 years later…

Samia posted in this forum that there would be jousting in the park in Welwyn Garden City, a mere 2 1/2 hours drive away. That’s a five hour round trip for something that might be great fun or might be a complete disappointment… but my tired legs needed a rest from cross country riding, and 5 hours sitting in the car listening to the cricket sounded pleasant.

So, having driven in scorching hot weather all the way to WGS, following Samia’s excellent directions, I found the park. No unicyclists, but I had found the park.

Half an hour later, the park was still there, but still no unicyclists.

Hmmm. Mr. Fule puts on his grumpy face. A few minutes later, I dug out Samia’s mobile number and rang.

“We’re in a pub, miles away…”

Should’ve guessed. I followed the slightly slurred directions and found the pub, and met the various other unicyclists. They finished their food, mounted up, and Samia rode off a low kerb and landed flat on her face in front of a group of concerned older women. “Are you all right my dear?” “Yes thank you. <blush>”

Finally, back to the park, which was a huge flat expanse of dry crispy grass. Samia had collected the lances and shields from her home nearby.

The shields looked suspiciously like artists’ palettes, cut from MDF. The lances were lengths of plastic plumbing pipe, swathed in foam rubber to make the classic long thin cone shape of a mediaeval lance, and tipped with classic mediaeval tennis balls.

Two of us did a test run. It was almost impossible to steer because of the strong side wind. As soon as I lowered my lance into the charge position, I swang round like a weathervane. We managed one “tilt” in which both of us were dismounted, and my opponent pointed out that I had not presented my shield for him to hit.

We experimented for a bit, and decided that tilting up and down the direction of the wind would be best. The ends of the “lists” were marked out with a pair of red socks. We had a few more practice runs, then the serious competition began.

An hour or two later, everyone had fought everyone. One lance had buckled (and then straightened). Shields had been modified with extra foam, and gaffer tape. Tennis balls had been dislodged and replaced (with gaffer tape). A handle had become detached from a shield (and replaced with gaffer tape). Alex had taken a shield edge in the mouth, and was very lucky that samia didn’t gaffer tape his lip back together.

I think I won two jousts out of five. Another fight had lasted some 20 minutes with neither of us being dismounted, and had been resolved by uni-sumo. I am very bad indeed at uni sumo. The final, between Alex and Matt, was decided by best of 5 at sumo, after Samia decided that best of three at jouting would last until at least a week on Wednesday.

And so back to the pub, after a pleasant afternoon of silliness, and a few bruises to show for it.

In the beer garden, there was earnest discussion of how the lances and shields could be improved. Some ideas were more sensible than others. The consensus was against my idea of balloons on the shields, and short sharp pins on the lances.

Big thanks to Samia for organising it. I hope your preferred cricket team wins the test.:wink:

nice write up, yet again.

sounds like you had fun, i’d joust with short sharp pins on lances and a balloon any day.


Time for me to come clean with a public apology.

I pm’d Samia early on when she was looking for riders to take part in the Sport Relief to say I was up for it. She dutifully responded with the dates and venue and I was rubbish at replying. Sorry, Samia!

In the end I spent the day standing at the side of a five-a-side pitch watching my son Joe (who would have come uni-ing with me).

It sounds like the jousting was a great success though. Well done Samia for organising it. It’s certainly the first organised event of its kind that I’ve heard of - perhaps a new event for BUC 14?

And, as usual, a great write up, Mike. The balloons and pins sounds like an episode of “Endurance” (remember that?)

It’s a silly game, so going to the pub first should be in the rules. I wasn’t paying enough attention but I think it may have had a positive effect on performance.

Thanks Samia, it was a fun afternoon. Thanks to everyone else for playing and thanks to Mike for the interesting steeds you brought.

Well thank-you for coming guys! I was worried after your 2 1/2 drive, Mike, that it would all end up being a disappointment, but I’m glad it turned out a pleasant afternoon.

In the future I think after a reading of the rules I will give a short talk on technique… once I figure out what it is…

But seriously, after watching some of the crappy digital camera videos*, we really weren’t going for the kill. I think a heavier lance properly balanced will work better too.

Yes I thought you sounded a bit… annoyed… sorry. Wish I had known you were definitely coming in advance…

Thank-you Mike, Thank you so much. I was saving that little anecdote for myself. Saving it in a locked trunk, filled with cement, chained, and dropped into the deepest part of the ocean. Well, at least I managed my first ever swan dive.

I told you you couldn’t overestimate the power of gaffer tape. And Alex wouldn’t hold still!!

Again, technique and practice, grasshopper.

I think we were scared enough at people pointing poles with tennis balls stuck on the end, let alone pins…

It’s great having dual nationality.

Thanks again and I hope we can do it again and with even more fun at a later date. And you come too Steve!

*crappy as in I won’t be posting them here.

Oh! :frowning:
I wanted to come along to this but I had already promised my girlfriend a day of clothes shopping, so instead I spent the day waiting outside clothes shops fitting rooms! If there is another event like this I will try and drag her along aswell!

Rock on!

I’ve put photos in the gallery, including ones from last year when it was just Alistair and me.

When I organise another jousting event, which I will, honest I’ll try and secure a video camera of some sort.

Re: Once again, Ivanhoe idea what I’m doing

On Sun, 16 Jul 2006 14:41:41 -0500, s7ev0 wrote:
> It sounds like the jousting was a great success though. Well done
> Samia for organising it. It’s certainly the first organised event of
> its kind that I’ve heard of - perhaps a new event for BUC 14?

There has been organized jousting at BUC before. I won the tournament
at BUC 4, even after getting a lance in the face and blood on the
floor. There was also some jousting at BJC in Nottingham the next
year, which I think was won by Paul Selwood (I know he beat me).

As far as equipment goes, I much prefer the lances which were used in
these two contests. These are basically broom handles, with a large
blob (about 7 or 8 inches) of padding on one end. Provided that you
don’t hit people in the head with them, these lances are safe to use
without shields, which I’ve always found awkward.

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a unicycle can beat a bicycle up a steep hill. On the unicycle side of the
debate has been me, and on the bicycle side, everyone else.”
– onewheeldave

Yes when I tried jousting a year ago we went with armour instead of shields. We certainly got more dismounts!

As for the lances we all concluded that the cone shaped bits were silly and since they were only for show I’m scrapping them. In fact next time I’m giong to challenge everyone to make thier own lances, shields and armour and we can figure out what’s best.

A large tip is a good idea, Mike suggested half a small football stuffed with something, that and what I said earlier about heavier lances.

Armour vs Shields in Uni Jousting… now there’s a debate for a niche in a niche

Maybe I’ll just concentrate on developing Uni Wrestling

use PVC for the poles with something big like a NERF basketball ir football on the end

and for the shields use 1/2" or 3/8" plywood, like low grade cheap stuff, you could probably make 2 sets for like $ 20