on tv!

well our school had a fundraiser for the united way, where everyone that donated basically did laps around the track as well as other events, some people were trying to do as many laps as possible, boring things like that.
anyways, one of the contests was the most inventive way around the track, so myself and two of my friends decided to unicycle! turns out the local news was there and got footage of me eating my sandwich while riding my unicycle in the muddy track while it was raining (not nearly as bad as it sounds)

anyways hopefully more people will see just how cool unicycling is.

SWEET!!! I myself am aslo looking for a way to show off mu new found skill to my school mates :slight_smile:
Im thinking about getting real good and being in the halloween parade

Awesome bro!

Have unicycle.
Will attract news camera.

Any chance of following up with the channel who carried it and maybe getting yourselves onto a youth- or sport magazine show?

(You know me, give me a finger of publicity and I want to rip off the arm and smack you in the face with the soggy end.)

Just a thought.