On Thin Ice - Video

Just finished up another video. Man, 3rd one in less than a month! Thomas, Devon, Karl and I doing some urban trials a couple of weekends ago at Nepean City Hall. Went with some light rock music to switch it up a bit.


Let me know what you think!


Root gallery is here - http://gallery.unicyclist.com/creakywheel - if you missed the previous ones and care to watch them.

pretty cool stuff. nice editing. and i love the refreshments. excellent choice of song.

I loved that video - you have lots of good quality jumps and tricks, but don’t rely on those to make it watchable. It’s the feel-good chick-flick of the unicycle music video world… or something…

Nice work :slight_smile:


That has got to be the most entertaining unicyling video that I’ve watched. Very amusing :smiley: :wink:

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun shooting that. Very nice.

That was fun to watch. Thanks for the smile. :smiley:

fun stuff!

Impressive video. I liked the ice rink action. Very cool. The music fit pretty well, too.

Nice work guys! Really enjoyed watching and listening to the clip. sweet.

What’s all the white stuff on the ground?

Forgive me, I’m from Texas.

That was so funny. Thanks, Jason.

Nice vid. I was impressed that the tire stuck on the snowy ground for those gaps.

The ice rink action looked like fun!

I really enoyed watching that movie. Ive been meaning to go out and try uiing on the ice for a while now. Looks really hard but you pulled it off!


Thanks for all the responses! Riding on ice is pretty fun, just don’t put too much torque on the wheel… It was a good day of riding, as are pretty much all of our outings. Snow should definitely not deter you from getting out there.

Ha, what a great tagline!

LOL, man it’s like that for anywhere from 4-6 months out of the year where we are. :slight_smile:


Fun stuff.

I got Q’s though.

  1. What kind of camera?
  2. What format does your camera produce?


I’m amazed at the quality for the size of your video.
(My Kodak creates a .MOV of only 30 seconds for 14mb :frowning: )

I have a Sony DCR-TRV38 MiniDV video camera. I capture the video to my computer in DV-AVI format, which is high quality and very large - ~200 MB for 1 minute of footage. I keep it in this format until I’m finished the movie, at which point I have (in this case) a 604 MB avi file.

The quality/size you get in the end depends on the quality you start with and whatever you use to do the compression. I currently use the Windows Media Player 9 series encoder (freely available from Microsoft’s website) which is an MPEG-4 based encoder. You will get similar (or better) results from other MPEG-4 based encoders as well (ie, DivX).

I’ve never tried to compress .mov files before so I’m not sure what software is available to do that, but I’m sure you can find info online. Maybe someone else who’s done it can chime in. I find the following site to have a wealth of information on pretty much anything you want to do with video: http://www.videohelp.com


It was 75 here the other day.

p.s. January.

I started a thread in Just Conversation covering Converting from MOV to MPEG or AVI. People who have digicams that take movie clips in MOV format were having problems compressing them to make them smaller and/or importing them in to editing programs. I wrote up the guides to help get more unicycling clips compressed and edited.

The alternative is to pay $30 (USD) for QuickTime Pro which can do basic editing of MOV files and can convert MOV files to AVI. But why do that when there are free tools available to do the same thing?

Great Video.

It is worth waiting for the large file, it was really good quality.

The riding was fantastic. Jason, I am amazed how high you can jump on a Unicycle.


Wow, I can’t believe I missed this one first time around…fantastic video! Sorry to bring up this old thread, but I think anybody who missed it like me will appreciate seeing it.

Great riding, great filming, very appropriate music…a really fun movie to watch. :slight_smile:

I love all those other movies in your gallery too. I’ll get Peter to add them to our movie list at www.unicycle.2ya.com .