On the way home from NAUCC

On my way home from NAUCC I caught up with Patrick Thomas (link), the guy that is unicycling (on a 24"!) from San Francisco to New York City. I found him just after he went over Rabbit Ear pass (Rabbit Ear Peak is 10480 feet, the pass is only 9500 or so) and took his picture for him, with Rabbit Ear Peak in the background.

He’s had some major problems with his unicycle: first the right crank stripped after he left Salt Lake City (near Vernal) and while having that checked, was told the frame was cracked. He now has a new unicycle and someone gave him an air seat, but I should have given him mine, it’s better. He’s only got what he can carry in his (repaired many times on the way) backpack.

The guy has calves of chiseled iron with each muscle showing distinctly. He’s cheerful and friendly (we’d tried to connect on my way to NAUCC, {I was looking for the bragging rights :astonished: } so he was expecting me).

I went ahead about 10 miles, parked, got out Marvin, my Coker, found that the descent of Snowbird (3000 foot elevation change) had made mounting harder – I think the Marvin the Martian Coker was jealous that I had riden the KH24 and that the KH24 has a brake – and rode 3.5 miles back to him and we rode together for a while.

I told him the Coker would be real good for the flats and we discussed him getting one (I had thought about lending him mine) but I thought that learning to ride a Coker vs. a 24” would be a problem while on as short ride as his ;). I also told him that it would be a really bad idea right there (I’m psychic and have good topographic software maps) as there was another pass in his near future – 11,300 feet with several switch-backs on both sides and a 13,280 foot peak near by.

We started noticing that the locale bloodsuckers – no, no, the mosquitoes – were noticing us right back, they liked Pat (I think because he must have very iron rich blood) more than me. Although I must admit the bloodsuckers were trying to help me learn to hop – I think I was aloft for about 10-12 feet at one point – I liked neither their technique nor fees. At that point the road started getting steeper (going down) and therefore would be steeper (going up) on my way back to my car and it was getting dark, so I said goodbye and turned around.

All in all I rode with Pat for about 6 miles, when I passed him again he had had to put on his hood and jacket as the bloodsuckers were swarming around him – I believe I saw around 30 in front of his face! I think they were trying to airlift him to their mountain lair (it was in the mountians, what other kind of lair would they have?) for a feast. Although a couple of them might have been just 747s or Spruce Gooses lost in the mountains. Of course I gave him what I had – only water and food – but he has a very limited cargo capacity.

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> On my way home from NAUCC I caught up with 'Patrick Thomas

Very cool, Brian. Thanks for posting that. Must give him a lot of credit for
doing this ride solo.

I hope to meet him when he rides from New Jersey into New York.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

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