--On The Spot--

An other new video. This one is shorter but it has some new tricks ive learned. Its rather short but its mostly showing the new stuff I can do. Enjoy.
–On The Spot–

Please Leave comments of saying what kind of stuff I should work on and if I am getting better.



nice you’ve been getting a lot better keep it up:)

Nice job! Maybe try learning 360 unispins now that you’re so good at 180’s, then maybe crank flips? :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Terry, how are your 180’s coming? Are they still part spin, part varial? Have you tried 360’s yet.

I still can’t take my feet off the pedals:(

thank you. yes i will try those next but i find the 360’s very hard and crankflips i will start learning.

good, only way realy to improve is to ride more

something interesting to try would be a 180-180 unispin… in otherwords, take a unispin, and spin 180 degrees.

pretty smooth…
try doing uni spins off of things and seat drops on tall things…

Thanks for all the comments guys.