On the Silk Road... UNISTAN 2013


Enjoy & Comment


that looks absolutely stunning. any idea where the next tour is going?

But I don’t know if that’s official or not…
Anyway, Ken Looi is the Master, and I heard rumors about riding one of the highest mountain of the world…


Yes, it will be Unipal: The Nepalese Unicycle Tour.

We’ll doing the Annapurna Circuit (possibly not the whole thing, but most of it).

Another amazing video by Nicola…I watch it over and over :slight_smile:

:smiley: i think i might have to start saving up some money…

Best part @ 4:06 :smiley:

A bit too much energy there Gilby!

Great video, makes one feel like you are part of the great fun you had.

What I like most about 4.06 is that the day before we were sad and under the rain… Then we spent one night under the snow, eating bread and not much more, (“Alldick!”) , then freezing in the tents… And the following day we were so full of energy! How was this possibile?