On the Road Again

Hey there, today I got a voice message from my friend in Halifax to watch CBC TV as there was some unicyclists on the news. Well it was not the news and ended up being a show called “On the Road Again”. I had no idea who it would be, but I tuned in to watch. The unicyclist in question was Carl Roth of Ottawa as well his two sons and many other riders of his club. So here I am in Vancouver watching a unicyclist from Ottawa after having been told about it from a friend on the other coast. Hopefully others had a chance to see it as well. I had no idea who or what it was all about, otherwise I would have put a post here earlier. Maybe it will get repeated and those who may have missed it will get another chance to see it.

Show to repeat on Sunday

For Canadians and US folks near the border, Friday’s episode of “On the Road Again” will repeat Sunday on CBC TV at 2:30pm.

From the webpage:
“Carl Roth has got unicycle fever and it’s contagious. He’s passed the bug on to his sons and dozens of neighbours and friends–now they get together twice a week to practice and play on their one-wheelers.”


'Tis true. Carl is the leader of a uni/juggling club here in Ottawa. CBC did a little special on him about uniing. Carl emailed the members of the club as to when the showing was, because many of us were in it. The weather was bad that day though, so i didn’t trek over to his place/park for the filming. I guess he didn’t post about the special here because it was just a small spot (less than 10 minutes, i think), but it was fun to see anyway. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from him in this thread as soon as he sees it, so maybe i should stop speaking for him, just thought i’d give you what i know.

MY dad (Carl) was the guy being interviewed. The clip turned out really good. It was lots of fun, it aired last night at 7pm and I think it is going to be showed again at 12 30pm tommorow (sunday). If you can’t watch it, here is the link to the video clip and a few still images.


It ran for about 6 minutes, you should deffinatly watch it.


What chanel (dish network)?

Its on CBC, sometimes referred to as CBOT locally. Also it is airing again at 2:30pm today Sunday.

I just happened to flip through channels and saw that friday night, I didnt see all of it because when I flipped to it, it was already started, but it was awesome!