On the local news... and now something completely different...

Our local news (www.whnt.com) did a short piece about me a couple weeks ago.

Despite the obvious “circus freak” angle I don’t think it’s too bad a piece even though they misquoted what I said about other unicyclists around the world and the types of competition that exist… oh well… They also probably used the worst part of the interview… I did try and plug unicyclist.com several times but that didn’t make it in.


The sound in that clip was constantly clipping. I know that there is a loudness war going on but this is ridiculous! And of course they had to put in some sort of clown-music :roll_eyes:

Other than that the video was good. I really liked the reporter’s UPD :smiley:

I know! I asked them, nicely, please don’t use circus music! And, of course, they did. However they did warn me that the “might have a little fun” with the piece… :roll_eyes:

I didn’t understand though why they kept asking about mountain unicycle competitions, they kept going back to that over and over again! That was why the had the angle about the “competition being lacking.” Which was why I said I don’t really care about competition, I’d just like some people to ride with!

The reporter’s UPD was pretty funny though (I’m actually doing the filming there!); he had no chance as he was pretty short and I didn’t have my tools to adjust the seat (not that it would have mattered!).

Wow, other people really read this forum! I just got a call from the reporter who did this story (interviewed me and filmed it). I said that it had come to his attention from a Google search on the web that I said that I was misquoted! I.e. what I said in the opening of this thread! So beware what you write! I really wasn’t misquoted in a bad way I think what happened was we might have mixed up the questions about where in the U.S.A. there are held mountain unicycling type conventions vs. where else in the U.S.A. other people mountain unicycle… I think he said the only other places people ride trails on unicycles is California and Utah which isn’t true, but those are the locations of the two main mountain unicycling conventions every year i.e. Moab and California Muni Weekend… I told him as far as I know there are most likely unicyclists in every state that have dabbled in off-road riding… So it was cool that he called me back to clarify. I still stand by how I feel about the circus angle they took; not the best angle? Still overall I’m just humbled that they’d want to do a piece about mountain unicycling here in the Deep South where Football (American Football) is King!

I thought it was funny how they were playing circus music while you were saying how you disliked people associating unicylist with the circus. The clip had its facts a little misconstrued though.

I’m still put off by the horrible sound quality. It’s always nice to get exposure like that though. Sometimes I think reporters expect just this small little world of the one quirky unicyclist they found in their town, so when they do the interview, it’s hard to give them a good idea of the size and scope of our sport. You want to just go nuts and tell them everything about unicycling, but it’s overwhelming to the reporter who just wanted to doa little fluff piece with some circus music to make his friends at the station laugh.

My interview would be trialskrisholmmountainunicyclingvolcanoes36ersridethelobstergearedhubsunicyclehockeyunicyclebasketballunicyclebadmintonistotallyawesome

and the final piece would just say “you might think the circus is in town, but it’s just this kid on a unicycle…”