On one wheel on a bike

Came across this video talking about the BikeStormz movement in the UK. Thought I’d repost here… no unicycles in sight but these kids don’t need two wheels for sure!

Wheelies are cool! I thought so since I was a little kid, though I never learned how to ride one. Seems harder than unicycling, because of the free-wheel, the mis-alignment of the pedals and rear axle and the need to balance the front end of the bicycle. Whenever I’m out on the trail and a mountain biker rides a wheelie (I assume in response to seeing a unicyclist), I feel I’ve been one-upped (so to speak).

Bikestormz have gotten a lot of flak over here mainly because of the ‘ghetto’ culture surrounding it, and because (like all cyclists) they’re seen as a nuisance blocking our roads for all those law-abiding hard-working car drivers :angry: I think they’re cool as hell, and would go unicycle with them in a heartbeat if I lived anywhere near London :smiley:

Their whole thing started, as usual, as a way of ‘getting kids off the street’ (OK, they’re still on the street…) and out of knife crime and drugs, which explains the gangsta/hippity-hop styling.

Of course there’s the usual brigade who rag on kids not wearing helmets and acting irresponsibly around traffic, but oh well.

Some very cool riding. I didn’t know this was a thing, but last week I was in Washington, DC and saw 5 teenagers riding 29” mountain bikes doing wheelies down a busy street. I just thought they liked doing wheelies. It was impressive.