On my way there

I went out to practice today. I hadn’t been out in a few days but to my surprise I picked it back up again without much trouble. then as I kept practicing something amazing happened. I kept riding! I think I spent more time riding my unicycle up and down the parking lot than I did on the ground or attempting to get back up. I don’t think I lasted the full hour I like to spend outside because my abs were KILLING me and still are. at any rate I think I’m getting the hang of this whole unicycling thing. left turns are easy, right turns are hard; need to work on those. so that’s my story for today.

Nice!! Time in the saddle! It’s a good thing :slight_smile:
Never give up!!!

It sounds like you’re doing much better than I did on my first unicycle. It took me ages to get the hang of it (I gave up for few weeks :rolleyes.)
I came back to it and, at last, one day as you well say things started to click into place.

Now I ride a 36er (which I’ve got recently) and I love it :). Still struggling to master wheel walks, one foot riding etc… in the 20’ one though. Very time consuming but very rewarding when you finally master it!

Good luck!

Well Done rebeljohn747 :slight_smile:
Keep at it !

Well done R.J.

Learning to ride a unicycle is a bit frustrating starting off but there is so much fun and enjoyment to be had when you get the hang of it.

I remember going out day after day and eventually it began to happen and I felt a huge sense of achievement. Reading your post brings back fond memories.

I have found unicycling to be full of unforgettable surprise moments.

The first one came when I got to the point of riding a few metres across my front lawn. I found it quite surreal. It was like accomplishing the obviously impossible.

Then I was out onto the footpath and after a while I even managed to climb gentle slopes but the hill after a couple of hundred metres was a big challenge. Then I occasionally got up it only to be confronted by the implausibly steep descent on the other side which I considered might as well be the edge of my unicycling Earth forever and I would walk it down to the park at the bottom to practice turns.

Then one day I zoomed up the hill and just kept going. It was sheer terror but I held my nerve and stayed in control because I knew if I lost it I would be in big trouble. It was big confidence booster.

The big surprise was when I came home the same day. I rode back up over “The Edge of the Earth”, back along the flat and then up the hill I had never been able to climb in the other direction. I had found a sense of rhythm and new possibilities opened up.

When I started unicycling I imagined that one day in the far distant future I might even be able to ride it the one kilometre to the local shop as my ultimate goal. Now that I could climb hills I gave it a go and succeeded.

Within a few more days, much to my surprise, I was riding the four kilometres on the cycle way to town and then back. That ride included “The Impossible Driveway”, a patchwork of concrete pieces that sloped all over the place with a steep descent and exit. The day I first rode across that was pretty special.

I still remember the sensation the first time I felt the weight transferring between my feet as I took a curved line while negotiating a ramp from the road onto the footpath.

Another special moment was during a climb that was at the limit of my skill. I would often get off half way up. This particular evening, just as I was about to give up, someone appeared by the side of the road so I gave it a bit extra.

The uni flicked to one side then the other like can happen on a bike when you get up on the pedals. I accelerated away and realised just how comfortable I had become on it.

Then of course the first free mount is a wonderful feeling.

I spent about an hour this morning riding around. I’m free of the wall even if it does take me a couple tries to get up. I stayed in the parking lot so I’m not sure how far I went but I lasted for a couple 10 min. rides non-stop.

That’s cool!! I’m trying to encourage my 12 year old to keep at it and learn to ride. He, like so many others, tries and then gets discouraged. My 11 year old rides and just snagged my Nimbus Oreo for himself. Just remember, the distance doesn’t really matter; it’s the enjoyment and satisfaction you get that counts. Hey, it is also keeping us young and good looking!!

I just finished a quick ride to the local store .6 miles away to pick up some things. it’s the first time I left the parking lot on purpose. I had a few incidents when I was getting better before I could steer. at any rate I made it there, got what I needed and made it back with no trouble! this is so much fun.