On my new freestyle...?

I recently bought the Nimbus X 20-inch Freestyle Unicycle and was wondering if it is safe to go down stares in it? Or even hopping. I am new to freestyling and just dont wana break my rim or anything.

hopping should be fine. stair ridding is probably going a little to far though.

I dunno…I saw on the “One Wheel No Limit” DVD someone balancing on a handrail on a freestyle unicycle and soeone going down stairs on it, I think it’s safe. Nimbus freestyle unicycles are very common for freestyle unicycling…quick “research” in Unicycle.com(it was a little creepy how all freestylers I had seen had the same unicycle) reveals that there is one other choice(Nimbus is easy to remember, I like Harry Potter) and its name I don’t remember.

I think it’d be fine, I just wouldn’t do any drops over a foot or jump down stairs.

i concur, hopping is what will get you, stairs will be fine, but i have bent my friends unicycle back for him by hopping as high as I could and smashing it to the ground as hard as possible, but it also has 175’s on it (its a 20")

Yeah if you keep the landings light, roll out of them, and keep smallish cranks on it, it would last longer.