On LIVE TV Tuesday morning!

Hey all,

I’ll be on LIVE TV this Tuesday, on the KTLA Morning News! Yep, it’s going to be live, so no second chances haha! I’ll be doing a stair set, a biggish drop, some gapping, a demo on my 36er, and I’ll be giving the reporter [Allie Mackay] a uni lesson!

All this will be interspersed with some Q&A, and also they will be showing some of my MUni video clips as well. Should be fun, but I have to be up at 4am, and meet her and the news crew at 5am to set up!

Btw, It’s a “super station” and number one in morning news ratings and has viewership in the many millions! You can watch it can throughout Southern California, and anywhere in the US if you have dish network or many cable systems. In Los Angeles County it’s Channel 5, and for other areas, Check local listings.

Or you can watch it live on their website, KTLA.com, and click where it says, “watch the morning news live”.

These are the live air times, (Tuesday, 3/31/09) in Pacific Standard time:

6:10 a.m. 10 second tease
6:24 a.m. 2:30 hit (Segment)
7:10 a.m. 10 second tease
7:24 a.m. 2:30 hit
8:11 a.m. 10 second tease
8:25 a.m. 2:30 hit



Would’ve typed more, but had to eat…
This sounds like another great opportunity to gain recognition for unicycling and spread the fact that “Yes, there is such a thing as mountain unicycling” ect.
Was this what you were talking about when you mentioned something that was to later be announced(If my memory serves me right)?

Awesome!!:smiley: Sounds like a great chance to get to get unicycling publicized!

Is there going to be a video of it made? I don’t get that channel way up north!:wink:

Yeah this was the one. And you’re right about the recognition factor. Any time we can spread the positive word about our awesome sport, it really helps put us on the map. :slight_smile:

They said I can get copies on DVD, plus I’ll be recording it on my vcr while I’m gone, and my camcorder allows me to transfer that to digital, so that’s another way I can get it up online. Plus they “archive” their segments on their website for viewing anytime, and they also post the segments on their youtube page. Seems there will be lots of options to see it. :slight_smile:

PS: I woke up today with a fever and a terrible headache that hasn’t gone away yet, and the timing couldn’t be worse. But I’m going to tough it out and hopefully get through it ok. I think I may have picked up something at the place where my dad is convalescing after a bad fall; there are lots of other elderly patients there and most are sickly. :o

i am really jealous. i wish i was on live TV. i am gonna watch as much as i can but i leave for school at 7. ill record it too. I am considering calling you in the middle of the segment so if i were you i’d make sure your phone is off.

Terry … be well, get well, get rest, have fun and expect anything on live TV. Really glad for you and the sport/art/sport of uni.

Yeah that’s what I’m doing. For this I wish I had a dvd recorder!

I feel better this morning, but still sick. Oh well, the show must go on! :smiley:

Oh, forgot to mention that the “live (online) streaming” starts at 7am, pst. The one thing I’m not sure about yet, is if we’ll be doing new, different segments for each of the three hours. There will be a total of 6 segments between 6am-8am, of about 2:30 each. Oh well, I’ll find out soon enough!:o

Good luck! I had my “fifteen seconds” of fame with one of our small market, local TV stations last fall. They were pretty cool, even though they played circus music in the background :frowning: But it wasn’t live like your bit, that is awesome!

Haha she called it a bike.

There’s pne more segment, I just came home to get something and I’m going back now! So far, so good! :slight_smile:

Ok back home now and that was FUN! I’ll have all the segments on youtube asap and post it. I think overall it came out pretty good. There just wasn’t as much interview time as I expected, where I could have talked more about the sport and stuff.

The morning news goes at a pretty frenetic pace anyway, with the in-studio hosts commenting and asking Allie questions, and everybody sometomes talks at the same time, lol. But I was happy at least I didn’t mess up or accidentally land on Allie when I jumped over her! :smiley:

Well done!

Nice job, Terry!

I just watched the streaming version on the KTLA site. I’m impressed with the way you calmly handled the typically obnoxious media folks (e.g., leave it to TV news to get preteen giggles out of wearing or not wearing a cup). You came off as humble, intelligent, and cool — “cool” like ice, as well as “cool” like awesome — which should leave the viewers with a positive impression of unicyclists. Glad to have you at the helm of the PR department! :sunglasses:

Yeah, getting exposure on TV for our sport is great…except for that circus music lol!

Yeah it’s funny I hear that a lot, in variations, like, “one-wheeled bike”, unibike and so on. Those are what I would call a classic oxymoron haha!

Thanks, I really appreciate that! I really didn’t have any idea what questions she was going to ask, or how long I might have to answer each one, so I thought it best to try to keep things fairly concise. I just knew that this is a fast paced news show and they like to keep things moving at a frenetic pace, so there’s not a lot of time to get into details. :slight_smile:

Just watched your segment and thought it was great.You handled yourself very well and even managed to slip in a unigeezer gag.Excelent

I was going to wish yo good luck, but it appears I’m to late.:frowning:
Glad to hear it went well!

Wow, slow news day… :wink:

Was surprised at your ability to talk about nearly every aspect of the Kris Holm unicycle without actually saying Kris Holm or KH. But the good news is that unicycles.com redirects, so her uncorrected error won’t impede folks from shopping.

Good job on getting the coverage; they really gave you quite a lot of time.

Allie Mackay always does the fun, more unusual story lines. I think most morning news “shows” have a lot of variety. They have a mix of news from serious to humorous with an emphasis on entertaining the viewers as well as informing them. I actually didn’t realize she had added the “s” to unicycle.com until I watched it later. And I had wanted to mention Kris Holm as the unicycle maker but she said I couldn’t mention brand names or my website…but they mentioned UDC (with an “s”) so they broke their own rule!

She might have thought I was kidding when just before that segment went live, she had asked me where I got my unicycles, and I said “Unicycle.com” and also “Uniproshop.com”. And I had lots of other little uni related soundbites that were never heard becuase I wasn’t mic’d, and Allie’s mic was purely omni-directional and could not pick up anything I said unless it was righ in my face. :o

Throughout the segment, I kept saying to myself "I hope she makes him take his helmet off so I can see how the heck that getup is structured. And she didn’t disappoint…

I suspected it was a baseball cap under a helmet, but from photos I could never tell for sure. Of course there’s still the question of “why?”, but I’ll leave that for another day if you can resist the temptation to explain it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It helps keep the sun out of my eyes and face. I am sensitive to sunlight hence the sunglasses also. I LOATHE the sun! My ideal MUni day is 100% overcast skies, 60-65 degrees F, and just the lightest sea breeze…and humidity around 50%. But NO sunshine…EVER! :):p:D :sunglasses: :o