On establishing Peking University Unicycle Club

Dear Future Unicyclists of Peking University,

NOTE: As a means of informing the international unicycling community, I am
sending a copy of this to the most popular unicycling mailing list. I am sure that
many unicyclists would be most happy to help you in setting up a new club and
in welcoming you in general.

First, I would like to express my deep appreciation for the wonderful opportunity of visiting
Beida as your guest and giving a lecture, and to say that my family and I greatly enjoyed our
stay and your warm hospitality. I would like to say how delighted I am that you have expressed
an interest in unicycling, and that you enjoyed my demonstration. As a sign of our deepening friendship
I gave my unicycle to ICL. This is a Miyata unicycle, one of the best in the world and often used by
world champions.

As I discussed with Dr. Hu, I would like to help you establish the Peking University Unicycle Club – let’s
give it an acronym, “PUUC”. Dr. Li could be the president and I could serve as your adviser. Here is some
information that could help.

  1. The person in charge of running the China Unicycle Association is
    Zhang Shuxiao. In Chinese this is the Zhongguo Dulunche Weiyuanhui and is under
    the government department Tiwei.

I already spoke to him about PUUC and he will help you get organized,
such as by helping you get unicycles and providing you with materials.
His phone numbers are:

Cell: 1350138221
Work: 6882-6370
Home: 6761-5865

  1. You can get detailed information on unicycling by accessing:

You can also join the unicycling mailing list of you are interested.
Information is available on the website.

  1. I will send you my booklet on learning how to ride. We also have videos
    in Japanese if you are interested.

We unicyclists have an expression – “stay on top”. I think you understand it.
That is my wish – that many Peking University students and faculty learn
how to ride and “stay on top”.

P.S. PLease forward this to Dr. Li – I don’t have his email address)

Stay on top, Jack Halpern
Executive Director for International Development
International Unicycling Federation, Inc.
Website: http://www.kanji.org