On a lighter note...

All flames aside, this Saturday, April 1st is our club’s main annual event, the
17th Annual Foster’s Donut Run, and any Southern California unicyclists are
invited to join us.

What is it? We ride 8.7 miles along Historic Route 66 (anyone read Grapes of
Wrath?) from Harvey Mudd College, passed about 5 donut shops, to the best donut
shop in the world, Foster’s Donut Man, in the city of San Dimas. When we get
there, Donut Man Jim gives us free Strawberry Donuts (the best donut you’ll
ever eat).

Usually about half of us ride back to school, the others drive.

I expect at least 20 of us will go this year- more or less depending on
individual work loads and midterms. And we will have some HMC alums coming from
San Diego and one flying in from Northern Cal. Most of the way is on sidewalk,
and the route is practically all flat.

We will meet at 9:15 to 9:30 am. If you think you can make it, please give me a
call anytime before then and I will give you directions.
(909) 621 - 8555 ext. 4924

–Jim Frinier Gonzo Unicycle Madness