OMIGOD--It's so BIG!

Well, okay, I succumbed to the lure of the muni and got me one: a 26-inch Yuni with a 3" DH tire (or tyre, for our friends from the other side of the world!) After 45 minutes of reaching around, beneath, and over my dogs to assemble it, I pumped up said ti/yre and gave 'er a spin. Se here’s my question (you would think it would be, “How am I ever gonna clamber up on this thing?” but I’ll leave that for another post) Is this wheel true? I have no experience with 3 inch knobby wheels, but it seems to sort of undulate (can’t think of a better word) when it spins. When I brace my finger against the frame and lightly touch the rim, that seems to spin true, but the tire itself has a kind of wobble. Is that just the nature of the big ole knobby tread pattern? I will probably take it by my LBS today and ask them as well (no sense in being stupid unless you can show it) but I figure you guys know more than they will about unicycles, so I thought I’d ask. (We need a ‘shameless flattery’ emoticon!) Thanks,


Are you sure that it it’s not the pedals and cranks slighty moving the whole uni from side to side? This can cause the illusion that the whole tyre “wobbles”.

I have a similar problem, only worse, my wheel and trye wobble under me when I’m riding. Although I strongly suspect that it’s down to my riding style!


Watch out! There’s a SNAKE in your ti/yre! that’s why it “undulates.”

Seriously, that wobble is not the wheel, but as the previous post says, the cranks & pedals trying to move about their center of gravity. In fact, if you were to clamp the seatpost in a vise you’d find the frame flexing slightly, as well.

deflate your tire so there is a little air in it and bounce it on the ground rotating it a little each time to get the bead to seat evenly around the whole tire. that will help get rid of a “high and low spot” on the tire and for where the tire is off to the side try to roll the tire to the opposite side while it is still mostly deflated to try and center it. i had to do that with the intense 2.7 and arrow 3.0 on my mountain bike. hope that helps

We need an emoticon that electrocutes the poster everytime they try to access it.

Thanks, Uniracer, you were right on target. The guys at the bike shop reseated the tire and that helped immensely. I appreciate you taking the time to reply to my post.

The time will come when 26 inches is just not enough. Or possibly are not enough. Enjoy riding it.

Get that tyre properly seated, get the right pressure in, then ride and ride.

Not that I’m jealous, stuck in cold dark wet Nottingham, with little opportunity to ride at the moment. :angry:

i dont mind taking time to reply because i have asked the same question before so im just passing my knowlege on.:smiley:

are we aloud to say that?:wink:

Re: OMIGOD–It’s so BIG!

“Mikefule” wrote in message …

> Not that I’m jealous, stuck in cold dark wet Nottingham, with little
> opportunity to ride at the moment. :angry:

Well, I’m in cold dark not-wet-yet Nottingham, but I’ll be jumping on my
26" uni a bit later on to go to



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