omg this is a nightmare

Ok so im going out to Germany to demo at the toyfair for Qu Ax, my dad is coming along for the ride, by the way the flight is tomorow at 2 o clock in the afternoon, so i’m all excited about that, when im asleep, i get woken up by my mum and she says look at the pass ports i look at my dads is about a year out of date, so now we are driving to london(me driving, because dad has had the most busiest day ever, taking down a circus tent, on his own) to get to the pssport office and try and renew it, we are driving at 1 oclock in the morning so as to get to the passport officee for 7.45 and get the passport sorted hopefully. mean while i will have to wait at heatrow sleeping i suppose for 6 hours or so.
Please express your sympathy ha ha what a perlava

Hope to sspeak to you all soon

oh no thats bad. wouldnt you think to check them at least a couple of days before you leave? Anyways, unlucky:(

so… he did it ?

Isn’t the passport office in Newport nearer to you?

That is a bit unlucky. I’ve had to do something similar and so have lots of other people I know so you aren’t alone!

:astonished: That’s baaaad, cant you go on ye own? It might be a bit lonely spose.
I feel for ya mate.