OMG noob queation plz help ill thank

for the life of me i can’t figure out wich way is front it’s a torker cx and common sense tells me it rides like a bike narrow in front but also the grip is on the fat end so would I have to grab behind me to jump aalso it feels easier with fat in front PLz HLp!!

the seat looks right in the picture.

Looks like you’ve got it right in the picture.

If you’re asking as simple as a question as i think, the front of the uni is to the left in this pic. Thick end of the seat is the back.

Also make sure the left crank and pedal (should be marked with an “L” somwhere) is on the left side when the seat is pointing forward and the same for the crank and pedal on the Right. Then you will know that everything is set right and the seat is on the frame correctly.

Then, when you’re finished figuring out if the cranks and frame are all set up… get yourself a new seat and pedals. I started on a Torker CX and when I replaced the seat and got some leg armor and pedals with pins, my progress sky-rocketed

Ask yourself where your knees are while you’re riding. If they’re in the front, you probably want the skinny part in the front. Yes, those seats are fine for kids/light people, but are a little small and uncomfortable for most others; a very worthy upgrade. Pedals aren’t as big of an important thing, but you’ll know if you need new ones; maybe better to save for the seat and see how those pedals hold up in the meantime.

I agree about not replacing those pedals yet. I trashed 3 pair of cheap pedals while I was learning to ride! The fourth set put me back a whopping $8 at which point I upgraded to a better uni.
The pedals take a beating each time you fall off and when you’re learning that’s a lot!

Good luck, have fun, and don’t give up. Keep us posted on your progress.