OMG I need help!!!!!

Ok, so I rode to school and it is like a mile from my starting point. When I got to school I felt fine. After school I couldn’t ride because it was painful, and the next day I had to use a cane to help me walk because I brused my muscles down there. Like the actual muscle nothing perverted implyed, and it hurts to walk. How do you people who do like, several mile rides stand to do it? How do you stop it from brusing? I really need help because I would like to be able to ride it to school again. Help me, I don’t know how to stop the pain.

what wheel size do you have…and was it your first time riding that far? those are good questions to answer your question

I am riding a 26 inch, I thought that it would be better when i bought it for distance you know. and it was my first time doing like over 5 blocks… does that help you help me?? do you have any suggestions???

oh ya i also tink it may be liek 4 inches a little to tall, i need to get that fixed… could that be it???

Well first off, what kind of seat are you riding on? Plus how do you feel your technique is right now? Are you wobbling all over the place, or can you very confidentally put all your weight on your seat and not have to writhe around? This will help people help you, hopefully. One things for sure, it shouldn’t hurt that much. I just got back from about a 7 mile ride on a 24" and I feel fine, so somethings wrong :-).

What saddle is on the unicycle? If you don’t know the brand and model of the saddle can you find it here at

There are some saddles that are bad and potentially painful. The Savage saddle is one like that.

Are you getting chafing of the skin on your thighs and/or crotch? That will be uncomfortable but wouldn’t make your legs so sore you can’t walk. Riding in jeans and tighty-whities can cause chafing. Jeans have a very thick seam right in the crotch where four layers of thick fabric all get overlapped. That puts a big knot right where you sit. Tighty-whities can cause chafing around the leg openings.

It could also be that your legs and your riding skill is just not yet up to that long of a ride. Riding skill is important in being able to ride longer distances. With proper riding skill the riding is much easier, much less effort, much easier on the legs. That skill comes with practice. It comes with learning how to stay on the uni without needing to make extreme or even minor corrections for balance. It comes with learning how to pedal smoothly and keep only very light pressure on the pedals.

Seat height can also put extra stress on the legs. Having the seat too low can make the legs work harder and put more stress on the knees.

could have something to do with your backpack…riding a unicycle with a really heavy backpack always hurt me.
or maybe you’re just not experienced enough at riding yet. it can really make your muscles sore. how long have you been riding?

Sounds like a touch too much, a touch too soon.

I have a related question. As with many people, I had discomfort with various saddles. In the past year or so though, I’ve switched to the Kris Holm seat which is a lot more comfortable, but I still get chafing of the skin when I do longer distance rides of 10 to 20 miles on a 24". Is this normal or do other people have the same trouble, even with the KH saddle?

I find that wearing boxer briefs definitely help a lot. But with so much weight on such a small area, is some discomfort/rubbing unavoidable? I recently saw on the boards that tilting the front of the seat upwards may help, but haven’t tested it on long rides. Or maybe an airseat is better?

ummmm, it could be all of these things. i am not the greatest at riding yet, but i am ok, like i dont have to wabble but every once in a while i get thrown off balance. i did have a really heavy backpack on. i dont knwo what type of seat i have it is the one that can with the cycle. i beleive it a a “sun” unicycle. i got it from te local bike shop. it prolly was a little to far. i only fell off like 5 times the whole mile. i have been riding for like 2 years but very very irregularly. i havent had a lot of practice. i am getting into it again cuz i saw the preveiw for the defect movie. it looks so cool. i think iam going to get the seat ground down to fit me. i was wearing boxer breifs and like cargo-shorts. i dont know if that helps you help me, thx for all the advice so far and if you have anymre plz tell me:D

I think it is a mix of saddle and skill. The Sun has a very very uncomfortable saddle, and that mixed with a little bit of that repositioning needed when you are a semi-novice rider equals not the most comfortable ride. For instance, I am an accomplished freestyle rider, and I can ride with basically no weight on the pedals in a perfectly straight line. This makes it so that I get less saddle sore because of less repositioning and wobbling needed plus there is barely any strain on my legs. I’ve ridden a mile a few times on my freestyle uni (20 inch), and it’s been a no-sweat job (more annoyingly long than hard) even with that small wheel diameter. I did have a KH seat, which makes a difference, so you might also want to invest in a new saddle such as the Kris Holm or Kris Holm Gell Saddle on I’m getting a 29 inch touring cycle next week, so I’ll report to you how it feels to do a mile with no distance skills at all (although I’m sure freestyle skills help). The final conclusion: ride ride ride some more, and invest in a Kris Holm saddle.

That’s my favorite unicycling wardrobe, so it is probably not that, but it might have been the shorts a little bit if they had a really thick crotch zipper fabric thingie.

i rode a mile down my road and back for the first time and i was fine. i was slightly tired, and i am a long distance runner (well, was) so i’m not sure whats up…

…i was even on a 20"!!! that takes a while right there.

If you were fine when you got to school then there’s probably more to it than seat comfort. Did you get there and then sit down/stop moving straight away? For any exercise you need to slow down gradually - like warming up, but in reverse, or the lactic acid that you produce when working hard stays in the muscles and makes them very stiff. Either take it easy for the last bit of the ride, or keep walking around for a bit after you stop riding.


I walked like the last block. Then I did some really eazy riding to show the other kids. and a little off my own topic but it is hokey pokey not hokey cokey, i think jsut to let you know. I will make sure that I do a little warm-down from now on. thx!