Omg I Am So Excited About Unicycling!!!

Hey everybody,

I’m new to the forums! wahooo! Just in case anyone is interested, i’ve been riding for two months. I am now working on riding backwards, which happens to be the most difficult task so far. I went one full revolution and fell on my knee. wahoo! welp, i look forward to become a regular member on the forum. yup :thinking: by the way, my lame friend is making me do this. blame him for the ‘wahoo’.

Nice first post. :wink:


If there’s anything I hate more on these forums, it’s newbies. You’re not welcome here Christine.

P.S. I am not lame!

Let’s be nice here. OK?

guess they know eachother…anyway: welcome





I actually made her post this last night. :smiley:

Fuck riding backwards…that took me atleast a week of harcore practice just to ride all the way down my street, but you will get used to it after a while.

How did you land on your knees going backwards?

drops tired to do a counter jump forwards


Yeehee! Youll fit right in! Keep learning, it sure is fun!

Hi Christine, I am glad that you are excited to riding :slight_smile:
Backward is hard, but you can do it!! Just tight your thighs and push pedals down. Good luck :smiley:



It makes me feel happy allways when I hear about new riders. You’re absolutely welcome to this forum. One thing I didn’t like was that title, all words start with big letter and that Omg word isn’t so great for first post.