omg, first muni ride -- it rocks, I am grinning ear to ear!!!

Just got my Nimbus. First ride on a gorgeous Boston day. For starters, omg, what a sweet piece of iron. Makes my Torker LX look like a toy. Second, omg, what awesome fun.


  1. Off-road is going to take this 50-year old a while…can barely ride my LX.

  2. The pedals with screws sticking out of them are so awesome for traction. But the mount is a bit tricky as repositioning my foot after landing it in the wrong spot is not easy.

  3. Was nervous about moving from 24" to 26", but so far loving the 26". Easier to put on the milage (which in my case is measured in yards) and rides over the rough stuff nicely.

  4. Rough objects are easier than I thought. It’s the quicksand that kills me. Soft spots stop the muni…

  5. The fat tires are awesome off-road, but a bit funky on road. They really magnify my dominant leg…

All in all, I am stoked…muni is awesome. Too bad I didn’t pick it up 40 years ago…

Anyone in metrowest Boston that wants to go on long 100 yard muni rides, pm me.

And thanks to for some killer hardware. There went my new ski boots…


Always nice to read a post like this. Welcome to the fold, Cliff.

Don’t worry about starting late. Most people never start riding the wheel at all.

Cool! I will post this next year. I think the muni will also require my legs getting REALLY strong!

<<muni rocks:D

You don’t need ski boots–You can MUNI!