omg. First and Worst inner tube flat.... (what tools do i need for KH trials?)

So sad…
This week is my most free week of school and i was planning on riding everyday but now i cant because i have presumably a inner tube flat! i pump it up, then 10 minutes later, the tire is all saggy. im pretty sure its the inner tube (but then again i dont know jack squat about unicycle parts or bike parts for that matter).

anyways, i figure its a good time to learn how to do the inner tube repair with one of those fixit kits.

my question is, what tools do i need to disassemble the necessary parts to fix the inner tube?

thanks always

Step one: take frame off by loosening bearing holder caps. (6mm allen key for KH frames)

Step two: remove tire using tire levers. You’ll probably need some metal tire levers.

Step three: find hole in innertube by pumping it up and listening to for air leeks or using soapy water and look for bubbles forming.

Step four: sand, glue, wait 5 min and then apply patch.

Step five: put tire back on and wheel to frame. Make sure not to overtighten bearings caps (wheel should turn freely).

If this is too difficult, bring your wheel to a bike shop and they should do it for you for a few bucks…

Step 4a: Inflate repaired tube to test patch and look for additional leaks. Inflate it like a balloon to 1.5 times its diameter.

If you’re only repairing the tube, you don’t even need to remove the wheel from the frame. Just take the tyre off the rim and pull the tube out. Its a little more awkward if you have to immerse the tube in water to find the hole, but it saves messing around with allen keys and bearing holders.

If you are repairing or purchasing a new tube (which I’d recommend) … after removing the old tube, check the tire for sharp objects protruding through the tire treads (this might get your finger tip cut, but better your finger than the repaired or new tube). Often we run over a thorn, shard of glass etc. that imbeds in the tire and unless removed the repair will fix the hole only for the tube to be punctured again.

Another couple of tips from recent experience:

4c: inflate the tube a little bit (so it’s round but can still bend all the way) before putting it back on the wheel. It’ll help to avoid pinching and will better position it within the tire.

5a: Inflate the tire to 10-15psi and check that the bead is sitted properly on the rim (there is usually a line on the tire that tracks the bead and it should follow the rim exactly). After this check you can go ahead and pump it up all the way. I’ve exploded a couple of tubes because the tire was not sitted properly, so it’s an important check.

6: Don’t use forks/spoons/knives as tire levers, you’ll scratch the rim :slight_smile:

Don’t take the wheel set off the frame. Just remove most of the inner tube from inside the tire casing. Don’t bother even taking the valve stem out, most of the flats aren’t there anyway. Don’t use water and soap. If your tire leaks down flat in ten minutes, then you have a fairly good size hole. Just pump the inner tube up to about 4" diameter and listen to the tube. You will probably hear the leak. Then place it next to your lips, (lips are sensistive and you will feel the air escaping). Or you may even see the hole. (Only use water if you can’t find the hole). (Still can’t find the hole, take the valve stem out and put it under water too… sometimes the valve stems leak) Next patch the hole. Finally and don’t forget this step, slowly rub your fingers around on the inside of the tire casing. Many times what punctured the tube will still be stuck in the tire casing or you may have multiple punctures. If glass, wire, thorn, etc, is stuck in the tire casing pull it out. Now put your tube and tire back on, seat it carefully, pump it up partially, check it, pump it up all the way.

spread talc around the insides of your tyre, helps to avoid pinches.

New tube or patch?

if it helps, i just got the kh like 3 months ago but have been semi vigorolsy at least every other day.

if i should get a new tube, does it matter what kind of type?

New tubes are cheap ($4-$7).

You can figure out the cost/benefits of fixing an old tube (your time + patch kit costs) vs. getting a new one (a bit less of your time, no patch kit, cost of the new tube). I tend to replace tubes because I like to think that my time is very expensive and I never tried patching an old tube.

what would be the dimensions of the inner tube size of the trials?
i know the wheel is fatter.
the one at school is only 20 by 1.75.
but on, they have a “20 by 1.75-2.125”
would the one at school be fine or would a trials with a fatter tire need a different one. or is the one at school the same thing as the one on


Any 20" tube will work, as long as it has the right valve for your rim.

Thanks for this thread.

It just happened on my KH 20", so sad.

I tried looking for possible causes of the tiny leak, but couldn’t find any.

Glad to have helped you! (true my tragedy haha :))

I skated to my local bike shop (after donating blood platlets for the first time - 2 hour process but i watched “Get him to the Greek” which is a pretty good comedy movie) and bought 2 inner tubes of 20 x 1.5-2.125 for 5 dolalrs each.

Then I went to the bike shop at my school and learned how to change the inner tube for 5 bux and got my weird washer thingy tightened on the inside of the cranks, hacksawed my seatpost, and got some free grease for the bottom of the seatpost!
Good Day!
now the only thing i need to do now is ridee~

ps- i checked out the older inner tube, and it had a tiny tiny tiny tiny microscopic hole. I cant believe that tiny hole ruined my week…

btw- confidego, do you listen to the band “confide”? if yes. i played a few shows with them. if not, ignore this statement ^^

time to work on SIF hops and wheel walks and one foot pedal all weekend while cramming in for a stats exam on tuesday!

Not to insult your intellect

It is quite wise of you to portray yourself as, as ignorant as you are. I would suggest you take it to a bike shop that will let you watch while they fix it. It’s not that hard, but there are tricks, watching someone do it first will give you useful experience. Plus you might meet cool bike shop folks that know a lot about spoked wheels, which are very similar between unis and bikes.

not really sure by the wording of your statement but pretty much, i paid someone 5 dollars to replace the inner tube (who happened to be one of my friend’s past roomate), and he let me watch so I can do it myself. Im pretty sure I could have watched videos online or figure it out my own way but I didnt.

the stupid washer thingy came off again.
im gonna have to get some locktite and tighten it again…