Here’s a little quickie just a little over a minute long. I was out having a blast this morning after days of heavy rain. Watch to the end to see what I found on one of my cranks! I’m playing the lottery for the first time ever because of it lol! Also rather “excited” ladies after creds…:stuck_out_tongue:

Strange Crank Linkage

And Merry Christmas & Happy hanukkah! :):smiley:

Please comment thanks!

[SIZE=3]Its a rabbit!;)[/SIZE]

Silly Michael, rabbits are for trix! (not cranks lol!) :stuck_out_tongue:


Silly Terry Trix are for kids.

Haha, well the “kid” part of me says tricks are for me too…but getting this old guy to actually do them is something else! :stuck_out_tongue:

But ok Jeremy you asked for it! Them is uni-shpinnin’ words! I hereby pledge that within 7 days from…NOW, I will post me doing a REAL 360 unispin! :o

The Oracle has guided you … not bad when you can impress the ladies on a unicycle!

I think it’s a rabbit with a peace sign. Am I the only one who noticed the apparent redefining of “one million” on the cereal box? lol

I liked it.

Those trails looked like fun.

Did you get a new camera?


Yeah they were nice and seemed so happy!:slight_smile:

Haha you’re right! They left off three zeros!

Thanks. Well, I still use my same canon zr-700, but the only shot I got with it before the battery went dead was the second clip with the fisheye; all the other shots were with my sony micro still camera, using the video mode. It takes surprisingly decent video considering it’s a still cam first and foremost.:smiley:

I’d comment on the great ridding, but I’m too jealous.

I hope not. I’m not worthy lol! :slight_smile:

Another awsome vid :smiley:

(I was initially thinking the title had something to do w/ those movies w/ the evil kid)

“Rabbit Ears” looks like a guy w/ a gotee, bow-tie, sunglasses, and antennae.

well done! the trail looks so much fun. :slight_smile:

its a BUNNY! :smiley: Bunnies are the rulers of the world. I should know. I own 2 lol. Its very good luck. You are now one of the privileged few lol. :stuck_out_tongue: