Olympic Unicycling Club

I’ve been wanting to start a unicycling club at my high school for a while. Unfortunately they thought not enough people would be interested in one so I couldn’t start it. Last Thursday I brought my unicycle to school and rode it around all day to get from class to class. Then during lunch practically everyone wanted to try it and about 10 people said that they are going to buy themself a unicycle over the summer. And I asked them how many would join a unicycling club if I started one and 20-40 people said they would, another 10-15 said they’d think about it. So next school year they’re letting me start the Olympic Unicycling Club. :smiley:

Good luck! I’m starting a unicycle club at my school next year. It won’t be nearly as large as yours, but I think it’ll be pretty fun.

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good luck to you man i tried to start a unicycle club at my middle school but like you they said they didn’t think any one would be intrested. :astonished:


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trying to start a unicycle club for myself next year (Junior Year)… Only problem is if people want to “learn” they would have to get a unicycle and that requires financial commitment.

Good Idea Check out this.

One of my friends started this club