Olympia, WA and surrounding area

In about two weeks I’m moving across the country to Olympia, WA. I’ve heard all sorts of great things about the area but nothing regarding unicycling. Is anyone from around there? I’m leaving my uni-crew behind so I’ll be needing some new riders to play with.

I’m very into trials and muni and I usually get around on my coker.

Thanks for any info you can give.

there are ton’s of unicyclists in Washington…here

I am in Washington. Spokane, Washington to be exact, but that’s pretty far away from Olympia. If i was closer I would love to ride with you, hopefully you can find some people or start getting some new people to unicycle in Olympia. =p

Jack Hughes (speedo guy in defect hidden section) lives close to olympia, he is crazy about muni and coker.

I don’t know any riders in Olympia, but if you ever make side trips to Seattle, there is a pretty active group of local riders that regularly get together for muni, trials, and Coker rides. If you were planning a trip up on a weekend, we’d be able to muster some riders and ride recommendations.

Seattle-ites active in these fora include myself, john_childs, Harper, Unibrier, unisk8r, and others I won’t name here so they will have more reason to abuse me for the oversight.

Just post sometime when you’re thinking about coming up on a weekend, and we can take it offline and set something up.

Excellent. Now I’m even more excited. My girlfriend just got a job there and she has been getting lots of helpful information about the area from her new employer. I told her to ask about good unicycling terrain and she lauged at me as if I was joking.

You can check out the Capitol State Forest (mtbr review, map, capitolforest.com).

I tried riding solo there once but I swear it was the hottest day of that summer, 100F+, and didn’t make it far. It would be great to have a “guided tour” sometime.

I believe Oly Bikes in downtown Olympia is downhill oriented, they may have some tips on trails.

Olympia is an easy daytrip from Seattle. I sometimes get to Olympia for work, If I time the trip right I could ride late afternoon into the evening.

Hope to ride with you after you’re settled.

There’s a uni-crew in LaCrosse? Who knew? Uh, I guess you guys did, but I haven’t heard about you here. Spent many vacations there visiting grandma and grandpa when I was a kid, and rode up Grandad’s Bluff on New Years Day 1981 on my Schwinn Giraffe.

There are a ton of unicyclists in the Seattle area and surrounds. They’ll take good care of you if you can come down and visit. Then there’s You-Don’t-Know-Jack in Shelton, quite the hardcore rider!

he completed the stp (seattle to portland) bike race, on a coker. and is an all-around awesome person. http://www.thedan.com/jacksaddiction.mov