ole timer at it again

I rode a uni when I was 25 for about a year…that was back in 1973.
Well, I bid on a 24 on eBay and won, so here we go…after a 41 year break.
At 67, I noticed immediately that gravity has changed considerably! I am up to about 30 cranks at a pop, but having a tuff time free mounting. I use the garbage can as a starting prop. Anyway, its still quite a thrill to beat my “record” distance each session. If anyone can offer tips for free mounting, I would sure appreciate it.
John B.

This video is the one that has made the most sense for me, logically. I haven’t gotten enough stable cranks on the uni yet to put it into practice.

Welcome back John boy! I too have returned to riding about 5 months ago but after only a 30 year break. I learned about the same year as you did,1973 or so and rode for about 15 years before letting it drift away. It has come back quickly.

I learned to do a static mount with my pedals at 3 and 9 o’clock using a piece of 2x2 behind the wheel to keep it from rolling out behind me. That might be a simple easy way to get back in the swing of things.

Again welcome back! We need more old gals and guys back in the saddle. :smiley:

Look into safety gear, the old bones heal a lot slower now. I am a lot more confident when I gear up. The days of riding in cutoff jeans and sandals are over for me.

Welcome back to unicycling Johnboy :slight_smile:
That’s the video to watch.
And warm up a little before playtime. 5mins of general stretching, especially lower back and hips!

Another good one:

Discussed here:

I don’t know how much the difference is in people actually mounting differently versus favoring different ways of thinking about it, but UniMyra’s approach is more in tune with what I’m feeling–less about jumping onto the unicycle, more about stepping up by balancing weight on the seat against weight on the back pedal.

And DaUniGuy with his 2x2 behind the wheel reminds me of mounting from the curb with the unicycle in the street, backed up against it. The wheel couldn’t roll back and I could ease myself onto the seat from there, but I still got to practice getting my weight forward and keeping the wheel straight as I rode away from it. I kept myself rolling around the neighborhood for a few months that way.

Good luck and keep at it!

That is a good video. Thanks for posting that Eddie.

I could see starting this on a curb and then trying to make it work an inch away from the curb, without rolling back into the curb. Kind of allow you to get the feel for the right pressures with a curb safety.

Exactly, but it makes you start with your off pedal foot on the ground not elevated on the curb, and it keeps you from becoming dependent on a wall. Get two boards, and when you DM use the second one to hop on and ride to the first one. It also shows your progress as the boards get farther and farther apart. As you progress go to a smaller rock, then to cracks and imperfections in the road.

In no time you will be cruising in style again! :sunglasses:

I agree. I am just getting back into it for the exercise. Learned when I was 12, quit at 17 ish. Got back at it in my late forties for a while. Put it up at 51 and now I am back in the saddle.

Another old timer here. I was involved in a local club about ten years ago after a long lapse since grade school.

I got my dusty 24’ uni out of the basement yesterday, but the tire and rim need replacing. I am going to replace the rim and lace the spokes myself, which I have done before. This process will take several days as I am still gainfully employed. This will keep me from actually brushing up on my riding for a bit. I do not anticipate having to relearn mounting, but stranger things have happened.

My signature below is from years ago, I will have to think about that one.

Free mounting? Half Idle mount? Give it a try

I guess you’ve already been “trying” the 3 and 9 o’clock mount that is most peoples consensus.

Try the half idle mount. Don’t be intimidated by the word “idling”. Anybody can do it or at least attempt many times without the danger of kicking out the unicycle and falling straight down on your knees.

good luck