oldskool newskool

check it out, its me like, 10+ years ago… and then me a couple months ago. So yeah, who else has old uniiing photos of themselves lying around?

Did you land that in the recent picture? I have a couple pictures, i will upload them soon.

I like the recent pic do you have more like that?

what are you doing in that newer one?

yeah pete what are you doing :stuck_out_tongue:

just practising those 720 unispins?

or is it a star-fish suicide mount?


I’m afraid that recent photo is a bit of a scam, didn’t land it. I look forward to seeing ya pix.

I have very few photos sorry, I don’t even have a digi cam. Mind you, there’s SOME other photos somewhere, might even be some midair ones if that’s what “like that” means?

Some sort of heroic unispin I guess

I was going to say the newer picture of Pete was of a dismount, not a mount. Like if the unicycle suddenly had an electrical current running through it.

Or it was an audacious attempt at a jump mount, right at that moment when the rider realizes the seat is going down and thinks “Oh sh*t…”

How’s this for an old image; this is about the oldest one I’ve got:

Hahaha, my first drop - http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albup15/aac . Those were the days.

Pete, are you Pete from this video? (see image below)

If so, when was it?

I can’t remember where I got the video from but it’s called “PeteBail”.

I love the shouts from the folk filming!

That is a classic uni video!!! One of my favourites.



I always forget to attach images!!!



lol, yeah. Such a pure jump huh

It was from X-Air, bout a year or so ago. There was also a cop who went down on a mountainbike and all sorts of people going off on skateboards and stuff.