Older Riders: Your views and experiences wanted

in fact I got no reply from my mail … no news, no contact

That’s weird. I’ll try to contact him and see what’s going on.


Apparently the paper decided to move the section at the last minute. Looks like it’ll probably be in next Saturday’s copy, but Chris will let me know if he hears anything more.


i’m nearly 60 so i guess that counts as old enough & i do muni also being female might add interest .i’ll email him

Hiya Rob,

Heard any more about this?


P.S. Know any good anti-rain / thunder storm dances?

Chris (the journo dude) told me the editor decided to move the section to next week’s paper at the last minute. I’ve got no reason not to believe him, so I’m assuming it’ll be in next Saturday’s issue unless I hear otherwise. Bit of a bummer for the Bristol to Bath plug (no pun intended, but it is quite good :p) but hopefully some people will see it in time - will it let them donate after the event?

Err, no. I hadn’t looked at the forecast. If it’s due to be vile weather I’ll probably throw a road tyre on my 26" rather than trying to use the coker - it’s a bit more manageable at low speed in wind. See you there anyway, whatever it’s like - I’m used to rain and wind, rains most of the time here as anybody who’s been out for a ride with me will confirm :roll_eyes: .

Oh, unilady, I think the article has already been written now but it’s probably worth emailing in case he can add something.


good! excellent ! europeans old geezers and geezeresses should keep in touch!
may be one day we’ll organize something!

When I checked yesterday, the Metcheck forecast was for a dry day with about 60-80% cloud cover and light winds. Now (19:10 on Wednesday) they’re forecasting rain all day with winds up to 21mph before the ride and 16mph during the ride.

IME, forecasts this far in advance are usually wrong. But with two completely different forecasts, they improve their chances of getting one of them right :slight_smile:

If it’s windy, you would really struggle to ride a Coker along the embankment between Bitton and Saltford. BTDTBTTS.

At lunchtime the worst of the weather (heavy rain and high winds) had been postponed until Sunday lunchtime (i.e. during the ride). They’ve now decided to delay it until the evening, with no rain at all forecast for the morning and only a little bit of drizzle in the afternoon.

By Sunday they’ll have decided to put the bad weather off until Monday.

Perhaps I’ll bring both and decide on the day. I’m staying with my parents in Bristol Saturday night, so I’ll be able to leave the unused uni at their place. I’d like to use the coker just for practice, even if I’ll have to ride really slowly on the way out, but I don’t feel confident enough on it yet to ride in strong wind. If it looks really good on the day I may risk it. But I’ll bring the 26" as well.

I seem to have thoroughly threadjacked my own thread :o


The latest Metcheck forecast is for torrential rain and average wind speeds of 27mph. Someone mentioned 60mph gusts to me. See you on the 26" :wink:

I think Rich and I helped.

Bummer :frowning:
26 it is then. Don’t think I’ll even bother taking the coker.


Has the website been washed away? It’s vanished.

It’s back again…