Older Riders: Your views and experiences wanted

I’ve been approached by a journalist who’s writing an article about unicycling, specifically muni, for the Telegraph newspaper in the UK. I met him this evening and he reckons it would be good to get some input from some older riders (the paper is a traditional broadsheet and apparently has a more mature readership).
I don’t personally know any riders over the age of mid-forties or so, but I told him there were plenty of people on this forum in their 50s or 60s, if not older - I’ve heard of people riding, even learning to ride, in their 90s.
If any of you “more mature” unicyclists are game to be asked a couple of questions (don’t have to be in the UK) please get in touch with Chris Wilson, email chris.wilson(at)bluebottle(dot)com
If you’re into muni then even better.



bumping this up a bit for todays readers. I’m too young for this one, tho I’m going to the photo shoot on Sunday for it(see seperate thread).

Yahoo. Still another ten years until I’m considered an older rider. :smiley:

Did you mention the Bristol-Bath ride to him?

Obviously it’s not muni, but the riders page shows that there’s at least one middle-aged rider planning to ride. Even a brief mention in a national newspaper, along with the url, might bring in some extra sponsorship.

If Cathwood can’t be an Older Rider I hereby recommend her for title of Learned Sage.

I’ll mention it to him today, when we do the photoshoot. I don’t think it’s going to be published before the BB run date though, but I’ll find out.


Are you denying you know me, Peter?

Or is it that I am no longer a rider?:frowning: Too busy to ride at the moment.:frowning:

Or are you saying I don’t look like I’m in my mid forties and you hadn’t realised?:slight_smile:

44 in November.:frowning:

Pete, of course, being one of the many biblical references with which my posts are littered. Praise the lord.

I think it should still be possible to make donations via the ride website after the event :slight_smile:

Just a reminder for everyone else:

Danny: I let him know about the ride - the article is due out next weekend and he said he should be able to give it a plug.

Mike: I said I didn’t know any riders over the age of mid-forties - I would say you’re still within that range, and not counted as old enough yet :slight_smile:
Chris, the journalist, is about forty-lowish-something himself so that still counts as young… he’s after people in their 50s plus I think.


I sent an email to the adress: being a 58-ish Muni-er I may qualify (though being French :stuck_out_tongue: )

Excellent - thanks very much. You should fit his requirements perfectly :slight_smile:



I sent an e-mail to the journo’s address the other day, before you put on the post about him wanting 50+ age.
I may be too young at 45, it’s quite nice to still be considered too young for something, but then it is the telegraph.
When my sons delivered papers a few years ago the telegraph only went to sheltered housing where I guess the average age was about 75.
I could always lie about my age!!

Awesome! That would be really cool if you can get the Bristol to Bath yike ride in The Telegraph.

What day do you think it’ll be in there. I’ll have to get myself a copy!

Oh… and it will be possible to make doantions after the event. I think until December 22nd.

He said the “weekend Telegraph”, which I think means the Saturday one, but could be the Sunday magazine I suppose. I’ll try to find out.


It’s Saturday. Apparently there’s an “active” page in the Weekend section.


I turn 40 this month, but I guess that no longer qualifies me as ‘older.’ Woo hoo! I get to stay yu-ung, I get to stay yu-ung, nyah nyah nenyah nyah mleh mleh <drool>

By the by, I still ride to work everyday, and nowadays I do it on my muni. How many people can say they ride a muni to work everyday (other than Kris)? :sunglasses:

Not quite, but I do muni to work quite regularly (I either use a road bike or muni depending on how I feel or how early I need to be home). Sometimes if I’ve got a race coming up or something I’ll muni every day, but I do like riding the bike as well (sorry :o). I feel pretty lucky to live in a place where I can ride to work almost entirely off-road, with a choice of quick or more technical routes :slight_smile:

Oh, and 40 is too young, you’re right… I’m a bit under 40 and Chris the journo is a bit over, and he specifically said he’s after people older than us.


Hmmm… Looks like the article isn’t in this week’s paper (I can’t find it anyway). Hopefully they just ran out of space and it’ll be in next week - or perhaps it missed the deadline. I’ll post again when I know what’s going on.