Older model Torker DX 24 for sale:

I got a new Nimbus 26 for Muni last week (woo-hoo:D ), so I need to sell My 24 in. DX. I will post pics if anyone seems interested. It is the older style with a Kenda K-Rad 2.3tire. It will not accomodate the larger 24 inch tires because of the lower tire clearance. I am in the U.S., about 50 miles out of Nashville. I am looking to get 75.00 out of it. I will ship anywhere in the U.S. that you are willing to pay shipping costs for?

This would be cool for anyone wanting to do 24" street riding.

how old is this “older model”?

Maybe if you post some pictures I would be interested. I am looking for just a 24 inch unicycle to cruise around town with.

I will try to post them by tomorrow. I am working right now. (gotta make $ to buy more unis:) )

this is a test

I cant figure out how to get the pics loaded. I uploaded 5, but they didnt post??? I will probably post this uni on EBAY!

Upload them as attachments using the “manage attachments” button below the “submit reply” button and then once you’ve uploaded them all that way, use the paperclip next to the smiley face where you type the message to add it.

Thanks, I will try that. I successfully loaded 2 pictures on Craigslist. If anyone is interested it is under 24 inch Torker DX in Tennessee.

uh, it sounds like a 2005 DX, but you can’t get to the craigslist images!
eh, just look it up and tell us, if the uni is 75 and a DX thats reasonable, if it is then it will have a double walled rim and splined hub with free replacement on the frame, and a decent seat, these unis are beastly, and upgradable, if you break the frame, the rest will be upgrades… they will replace with an 07 dx frame.

Sounds like a good plan to be able to fit a 3" tire on your old DX. Call them up and make sure they will replace the old frame then snap it and send it in. Hah.

I have a couple of friends that might be interested.


Thanks for posting the Craigslist thread. I still have it up for sale. I havent had the time or inclination to list it on E-bay yet. (I dont like their fees).
I will always offer anything unicycle related to the “uni-communi” here because its kinda like having a separate family that understands your obsession with unicycles when noone else does!!!:smiley:

Can I call dibs while I check with my parents?

Sale pending to ZFREAK220!