Old vintage unicycle on ebay

Is this a real unicyle, or just made to be decorative? I can’t bid on it unfortunately, because it has to be collected in person outside of London somewhere.

Ebay ad: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Old-vintage-unicycle-Rare-decorative-piece-full-of-character-/291070114831



Looks purely decorative to me. But obviously the wheel spins.

I hope it’s decorative, that saddle looks like it’d hurt… :frowning:

I would guess that it wasn’t actually meant to be ridden, from looking at the way the seat attaches, I don’t see how it would stay on with any weight on it. But of course it’s quite possible that I’m wrong.

You’re worried about the seat taking weight? Look at the spokes!

Looks like another collectable for John Foss. The solid rubber tire & wheel are going to need a bit of work getting that gap closed up.

The seat appears to be mounted on some form of spring process. Probably very strong, but possibly a bit flexible.