Old unicycling photo my uncle sent me

Don’t know if this has been posted yet, but my Uncle sent me this old black/white photo.

Cool! People who have been to my house may have seen this picture also, as I have it in my kitchen. I don’t know anything about its origin. Based on the clothing, I’d guess the image dates from the 1950s or 60s.

I got mine as a Christmas present from Brett Bymaster in 2000 or so. He found it in a pizza restaurant in Auburn, CA (home of the first MUni Weekend). This little restaurant in Old Town Auburn has all sorts of interesting/silly pictures on all the walls. They wouldn’t sell it to him, but they let him take it to a nearby copy place and get a copy made, which he framed and gave to me.

Now mine is the only survivor, as the pizza restaurant had a fire a few years ago and that picture was lost. Anything you can find out about the picture would be great to know!

I always enjoy watching unicycle stuff from before it “evolved”

We have a beautiful print of that photo in our bathroom - courtesy of David Poznanter recently.

Great stuff.


I received a card with the same photo from some friends in London a short while back. It currently sits on the mantle in my lounge :slight_smile:

From my uncle:

“It was actually a blank card I got for valentines day, the back says its from the Netherlands, dated 1990”

Came across this item that is selling on eBay.

I LOVE the look of that guy.