old unicycle computer game

My flatmate mentioned to me that he used to play a computer game involving the BC comic character Thor riding around on his stone age unicycle (aka BC wheel).

I found a link to a review of it here:

Has anyone else out there played this? Are there any other computer games featuring unicycles besides this and nintendo’s uniracers?

Re: old unicycle computer game

There was a Sega Genisis game called James Pond’s Olympics that had a
unicycling Shark.
Barb K.

I played that BC game! Thanks for the memories.

You can get emulators for most of the the old computers and consoles (from zx spectrum to BBC to arcade machines). If you can get a copy of the rom you can play it on your PC

Aww. Here’s me thinking the name “Quest for Tyres” meant that the purpose of the game was to find your other wheel…


Re: old unicycle computer game

I played this on a Commodore 64 back in 1985 or so.