Old Triple wheel and mini ike-jiraffe pictures wanted!


Im lookin for pictures of the following strange unicycles Semcycle brand If I recall correctly:

->Triple Wheel Unicycle top wheel 20", central wheel 16", bottom 12"

->Also there was a minigiraffe that could be turned into a mini jiraffe.

New people arround here may not know that im talking about fut old folks sure remember the strange unicycles that were sold before MUNI/TRIALS brands.



PD: If you have any of those Im interested!!!

Surely Google gives you a hit on some of those unis:

I,ve tried belive me!

Also through the wayback machine (https://archive.org/web/) searching the semcycle old version website with no luck :(:(:frowning:

I must have bigger ones than these, but will cost me time to find.

I had both a 20/20/20 and a 20/16/12.5
I might be able to find it back.

It would be nice if you find the pics!!!

(You have quite a collection of cycles…)

About the mini-bike into mini-giraffe… any clue?


Anyone knows about the mini bike - mini giraffe??

Your drawing looks like something Tom Miller made around 1982 or so for Al and Teresa Hemminger. This was before Teresa and Sem got together. Could be that one, or Semcycle may also have made a version but I don’t remember seeing one. The one Tom Miller built was based on a high-end child’s bike with 12" wheels, with various add-ons that allowed it to be put together in multiple configurations. I probably have pictures, but unfortunately they are prints in old photo albums (at best; at worst, 35mm negatives).

I hope that helps. You can try contacting Semcycle directly: info@semcycle.com, or Tom Miller (phone only) at 1-765-452-2692. That’s in Kokomo, Indiana.

I wrote him with no luck so many times…

I might try again!! Thanks for the help!

Regarding the date… I recall seeing this items at an EJC arround 20 years ago, for sale in one boot of the juggling market.