Old threads - are they lost?

I’m bummed that the forum only seems to be keeping 10 pages worth of threads. If the older threads were not backed up, it appears to me we’ve lost a treasure trove of great info. :astonished:

Am I missing something?

It is all archived.

It goes all the way back to 1993 when it was a mail list.

To see the archives click on the Archive link on the bottom of the page.

Using the search feature is probably a better way to find old info though.

On the first page I see options to go to page 2, 3, 11, 51, 101, 501, and 1001, and I can go all the way to the last page which has a topic from 1993.

When I was three years old, wow.

OK. I see the archives link but things have apparantly changed here recently. I used to be able to use advanced search and it would search thru all posts, clear back to the beginning. Now that only seems to search thru the last 10 pages. If I go to the archives, I see all the pages, but no way to search. Am I wrong?

Towards the bottom of the forum page there a box labeled “Display Options”. When this is set to show threads from the Last Month, I see 10 pages worth of threads, which seems to match what you’re seeing. You can change the settings to display more threads.

wah, thanks. I was wondering why the search was not working as well as it used to. I changed the settings to show all threads and now the search works well.

I had been using google search lately.

Awesome! Thanks David, I can search till my hearts content once again.

Here’s what I see: