old style qu-ax cranks 145-150

I’m looking for some old Qu-ax cranks with the old non-isis interface for a yellow hub. I’m not looking to spend much just a feeler to see if someone has some serviceable cranks shorter than 170 for a muni collecting dust somewhere. I have another posting about this in the general section.

Bump, before I give up on this uni.

If I’m not mistaken, those cranks are a 10 spline and the older Torker DX cranks will fit as well, so you might try rounding up a set of those. (I think the Torker ones only came in 125’s & 150’s)

Aprox. time line for those Torkers were 2004 to 2009???

Thanks Harley. Torkers would be fine too. Anything that fits and is muniable in the 150 range would be good or I will have to save my pennies for a new muni.

I might still have a set of Torker cranks in 150mm! Send me a PM next tuesday as I’m out of town at the moment, I’ll check at home. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jacob I will PM you Tuesday.