Old Schwinn from the attic

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am new to this forum but an old hand at Unicycling. I recently pulled my old 24" out of the attic and started cleaning it up. It has been sitting up there patiently waiting for me for years. At first it was just going to be a new tire and tube but has rapidly progressed to new pedals, seat post and seat. The seat post and seat are on order and should be here any day. After I get her in shape I am going to start riding again. My rides right now have been confined to the driveway just to make sure I can still get on the thing. I am proud to say that this 46 y/o guy can still do it just like the 10 y/o kid I was when I first learned. Once you find that magic balance you never lose it.

I look forward to reading the posts on this forum. I am sure I will jump in if I think my advice might be beneficial. If anybody has any advice for me let me hear from you.


Charlie Moore
Dallas, Texas

Re: Old Schwinn from the attic

oh, u’re gonna fit right in…

welcome to the fora, it’s good to have u
u do know that this time next year u’ll probably have at least three unicycles, one uni-related (minor) injury and a whole heap of pleasant memories?

what, pray tell, sparked the resurrection of the Schwinn?

I ride a road bike on a very regular basis for exercise. I went past a guy on a uni a few weeks back. First uni rider I had seen in years. I remembered the good workouts I had going up hills on the uni and decided that I needed to get back on it. I hope to stay safe but imagine that I can still handle a few spills.

Thanks for the reply.

I too pulled my old scwhinn (giraffe) out about 3 months ago. I’m 44, hadn’t touched it in 20+ years. “The magic” was still there.
Now three or so months later I’ve got a 24" Muni (off road) and having a blast. Also working on trials (soon to be the owner of a trials uni). I’m having way more fun then I did back in the day. Enjoy, there is lots of helpfull “stuff” on this forum.

What part of the world are you from? There is a chance the person you saw is also a member of this forum. In any case, welcome and make yourself at home.



I live in the White Rock area of Dallas, Tx. It is a great place to get some exercise on a bike or unicycle.

Hey there,

If you live in the Dallas area and ride unis, you should come out to ride with the fort worth unipsychos…we meet on fridays at 9:30 in down town fort worth. There are all types of skill levels and ages…we mostly ride street. PM me if you want any info.


Welcome to the forum. You’ll meet the finest people in the world here. All ages and skill levels. I’m an avid road biker as well but I’m brand new to uni. First time I ever sat on one was about 9 months ago. Hope your new seat and post get there real soon.

When I saw Schwinn…then 46, I couldn’t resisit chiming in. Gild has nailed it on the head again with the growth syndrome. I haven’t bought another uni yet, but my Schwinn has a KH saddle on it and some BMX pedals with shin and calf gouging pins (not that I’ve gouged my shins or calves mind you:D ). My interest was rekindled by my 7-year-old daughter looking in the garage and saying, “Daddy, WHAT’S THAT?” Daddy: “a unicycle” Daughter: “can you ride it?” Daddy: “yep” Daughter: “no you can’t” …and the rest is history! Have fun getting to know the old thing, and also have fun exploring how far the sport has come in our (“our” meaning we old farts’) absence. Sorry if you don’t consider yourself and old fart…you’re definitely proving you’re young at heart! Pretty soon there’ll have to be a Schwinn riders’ convention. This forum is packed with lots of great people with very fun and unique (man, I didn’t even mean that one) perspectives. Look forward to hearing about your experiences!

I am with you about the old fart thing. Looking at that old unicycle and thinking about all of the places it’s been over the past 34 years I kind of got all misty eyed. When I first learned at 10 on a 20" Schwinn there were five kids on my block that could ride. We all had Uni’s. You know how it is one kid got one and after that we all had to have one. We had a regular circus going there on Hollis Drive. Anyway it is has always been with me and now I am ready to ride again. The new seat post and seat came in yesterday so now I have no excuses. Oh wait there is my 14 y/o daughter. She is scared to death I am going to show up at here school on it.

As for uni technology it was a suprise to me as well. Seems there is a strong market out there for these one wheel wonders.

Hi ‘old timers’ :smiley: :wave:

Welcome Cmoore. I’m 44. If you search for my 1st post here … (about 3 months ago)
… you’ll see the same reaction/responses from me also.
I also learned as a kid. Taking all the punishment of no safety gear (at that time)

When I joined (here) , I was trying to find a original white wall tire for my 24" Schwinn.

After hanging out here for awhile, I now want a ‘Muni’ to do tricks with and ride in the woods. I’ve been PM’ing a few members here recently, about making my own ‘Muni’.
(I never knew of this new ‘toy’ until signing up here, never heard of a ‘Coker’ or either)

You should spend some time viewing the videos members have put together recently. :smiley:
They are ‘really something to see’.

Enjoy the wonder of balance. :thumbsup:

Late bloomer

Welcome, cmoore!

I picked it up at 38. I’m 41 now. I started with a cheapo Torker. There are now around 20 uni’s in the family. Don’t give up on the daughter, she may yet “see the light.” I have five kids who love to ride, including a 12 y.o. daughter.

“If you’re going to have a mid-life crisis,” my wife always says,“I guess this is cheaper than a red Ferrari.”

Bring your family to Moab next spring, or one of the Mountain unicycle gatherings! I bet they’ll support you in it! And you’ll have more fun and learn more than you ever thought possible!

Re: Old Schwinn from the attic

Welcome (back) to the club. I learned to ride in college. At that time, four of us got a no-name uni and learned in a gym. We banged up the poor uni–and gym–but good. And we all learned to ride.

Then I bought my own 24" and rode it on sidewalks for a few years. And then I stopped…

Well, now I’m 54 and decided to pick it up again this past summer. (My wife thought I was nuts. My kids don’t want to be seen with me. My oldest son explains that I got the uni from a clown I mugged. I hope to inspire my younger son and friends to learn to ride this summer.)

It took about 1 hour of practice to get back to riding. I did get bruises (learning to free mount again!). And each bruise inspired me to get the gear that would have prevented said bruise. In college we never wore helmets, let along wrist protectors! But now I’ve learned.

Like you, I started with the 30 year old Uni, and bought some new pedals. But then decided, what the heck, and got a new 20" free style. And then I saw the George Peck video and decided that rough-terrain riding is for me.

So I got a KH24, and I’m learning to ride on some wonderful trails near my house. And, just as Gild said, I’m already thinking of getting a 29" to ride around.

Why start riding again? I was looking for a way to get back in shape and have some fun, and unicycling is just the thing. And frankly, Muni is an incentive for me to get in shape. (I started out 40 lbs over weight, and now I’ve got 20 lbs to go. I even go to the gym to work on aerobics and strength.) It never, ever occured to me 30 years ago to ride on anything more ambitious than pavement. I hope to get to the point were I can start to do hops and jumps and try some down hill trails.

BTW I also bought some of the DVDs. Universe II and Out of the Thunder Dragon are my favorite. In particular the George Peck video is in on Universe II.

Finally, as a note to every body on this forum. I really enjoy reading the posts.

:smiley: I know what you mean.
My dad (who is 47) found an old schwinn in a pawn shop a cuople years ago,having not riddin since he was 11,and now me,my brother,two of my friends,and now two of their other freinds all ride regularly,thanks to that one old schwin.

Have fun!

Welcome from a fellow 40+ Dallasite who recently re-aquired the unicycle habit!

We should start an old guy unicycle club. Anyone have a good idea for a name?

I started this fall at 45 years of age and am loving it. I ride a 24 but want to ask santa for a 5 foot giraffe or a 28 inch. I can not decide.

I bought my daughter a 20 inch and she is now learning.

Yea, at 49 I started riding again since I was ~18. Simple riding on pavement is easy, riding on a flat lawn is OK, but my lumpy yard provides an incredible workout. I can finally make it all the way around my house without stopping from sheer exhaustion.

What a joy to find an activity so addictive, such great exercise and can be done so handily.

Re: Old Schwinn from the attic

On Sat, 4 Dec 2004 18:58:21 -0600, “uncleric” wrote:

>We should start an old guy unicycle club.
I’m not convinced. (And I’m 51.)

>a 5 foot giraffe or a 28 inch. I can not decide.
For most people, a giraffe is a lot of fun for a SHORT time. If you
have no real use for it (like performing) it will likely get ridden
only seldom after the initial fun period. A 28" is a better investment
as a second unicycle. I recommend to swap the tyre on day one to make
it a 29" which rides better on any surface.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

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Re: Re: Old Schwinn from the attic

I agree. A few of the kids in our club have either purchased or are talking about purchasing a chain-driven uni. My response echos Klaas’; they are good for one-in-a-while but otherwise will get stuck in the back corner of the garage. One kid bought a brand-new 5’ then sold it for a loss on Ebay six months later in order to fund a new skateboard. We had to excommunicate him from Uniworld for such a hypocritical act.

Another option might be a trials uni. When you’re past the initial bumps and bruises of learning to ride, the trials could be the next progressive step in maintaining a constant supply of open wounds.


Re: Re: Re: Old Schwinn from the attic

yes, yes and yes
however, (to quote Dr Phil’s grandpappy) no matter how thin u make a pancake, it’s always got two sides
that ‘short time’ is a whole lot of fun and once u have a raffie (and don’t have to sell it to buy food or, horror of horrors, a skateboard), u’ll always find times to use it
it’s great for parades, it does allow u to do some easy performing
(and there’s nothing quite as sweet as getting paid to ride a unicycle :slight_smile: ) and it’s a great uni to have ‘lying around’ a club set-up

with all of those caveats firmly in place, have another look at what u need/want from your next uni and decide which one u want to buy now
(chances are u’ll buy the ‘other’ one later, it’s just the order of things u see :wink: )

let us know what u’ve decided

as for that ‘seniors’ uni-club name idea
what about UCOFS
Unicycle Club of Old Farts on Schwinns?