Old School VS New School

Okay, this has dawned on me a few times in the past, whats the difference between Old School and New School styles of riding?

The really extreme part of unicycling had only started to develope in 1998, 2000, or later from my stance, like, the crankflip was landed in 2003 i think?

really, how old does it have to be to be old school? the crankflip is only 5 years old, and heavier styles of trials and things are only around eight years old.

What defines Old School? Just going big? Doing plants? Heavier unicycles?

What defines New School? Anything after 2005? more set in generic tricks? Doing 5 stairs instead of 10 stairs? Clothing? Unicycles?

really, I dont understand how people can call things old school, when they’re only five to eight years old. I mean, i get the fact that it was in the first development of what we now call basic tricks, but, how do we consider it old?

Hope you understand my point of view on this, please discuss!


I think plants are old school, single crankflips are new school (sort of)… I consider when people did hickflips, 180 flips, doubleflips, ect new school
Doing grinds, tiregrabs, hop twists, ect was around during old school but are not only old school because they are now done in new street. Unispins I consider more new than old but they were done in old school…

compare it to BMX. a backslide down a handrail i would deffinatly call old school, even though it’s never been landed yet (i think?). its the difference in style, rather than when it was first done.

Yes. it has been.

I think that Dan Heaton is a perfect example of old school. He never does crankflips, uses his environment very creatively, and he combines flatland, with street, in a fluid manor… In defect, his part is what I would call, old school…

I think that Old school involves a lot of Plants, Drops, and Hoptwists, but not many of these things combined in one trick.

New school in my eyes is more of the creative, techy tricks… Like Varialflips, Hickflips, Treybackflips, Fifthflips, etc…

As far as environment goes, manny pads, handrails, jumping up sets, and smaller sets are more commonly used, while being tricked down, though.

The more Techy the tricks get, the easier it is to call it New School.

This is just my oppinion though… If you Compare Dan heaton in defect, to Shaun Johanneson now, you can easily see a difference, and will be able to find the distinction.

I decided a while back to not even say old or new school.

Yeah it makes it a hell of a lot easier! Because there are different opinions on the meaning. I don’t really know the difference really, so I’ll see from the majority of opinions here.

I’d say old school street is more basic sutff but going a lot bigger and new school is like doing flips and spins of smaller things.

New is anything with flips. Old is everything without basically. Techy rails though is new, since old is just doing big rails. Also ledge slides without flips is old, and with flips with new. So refer back to the first statement. lol

I’m really old school!:stuck_out_tongue:

hmm… I think I’m going to try and be Old School. I dont know, it seems easier, i’ll try and learn up on things.

yeah, it seems fun.

A small 4 set has been backslid.


i consider big street to be entirely old school, but a new school twist would be fifthflipping down a 10 set, an old school twist would be a christ air… its just the type of trick within a more general style of riding. some things don’t really fall into either.
old=big, slow, and understandable to an average bystander with no explanation what so ever.

ahh i see. thats what i like more so, the slow stuff.