"Old School" Unicycling

Hey all
This, our first vid, was filmed at our “old school”.
We did it in a small space of time between breaks, while the kids were in class. Didnt manage to get everything down, full revs and that, but will save those tricks for our next, longer, vid.
I edited this today, in a hurry as i’m leaving to Borneo in only 20 hours:)
I hope you enjoy and leave comments and tips
<None of us have been riding more than 5 months and our oldest uni might be 3-4 months old>

PS: I had trouble uploading on youtube so i uploaded it on myspace.
When i get back i’ll put it up on youtube and possibly vimeo



Nice video samsta. Are you thinking of doing another one??? :smiley:

Im thinking . . . “NEW SCHOOL” :roll_eyes:

schools are great… especially universities. All sorts of fun stuff to ride.
Nice job on the video

lol I might need to go to Virginia Tech just for riding, everywhere there are ledges of varying height and gaps between them, multiples of skinnies and such.

Btw fun video, hopefully some teachers did not kick you out.

Haha- I have some very good, and bad, connections there;)


I love this song, I used it on my video too :smiley:

You riding without a shinguard and without a jeans or something like this really scarrys me! :astonished:

Keep it Up! Bye!

-Back from Borneo-

Ah sorry mate, hadnt seen that vid- Nice one though
I used to hit my legs but dont much anymore
I use some soccer shinpads when learning unispins and wheel walking when its wet sometimes but never really wear long pants

lol ive seen about 5 unicycle videos with that song now