Old school muni weekend

Hey, does anybody have pictures of the pre 2000’s muni weekends? It would be interesting to see what sort of stuff was done before splined hubs. Thanks, amigos.

Californian Muni Weekend early days

A mixture of pictures for you from early Californian Muni Weekend 1996.


Bmw 1

Heres a picture from early BMW in the UK in 1996


Max Lunn on Polaris challenge UK 1999

Here is a picture from the Polaris Challenge. 48 hour mountain bike race over the North Yorkshire Moors.

Thanks for posting those, Roger! My scanned pictures from those days are mostly all tiny, from the days of 640 x 480 monitors and dial-up Internet connections. :slight_smile: All of Roger’s pics are from the 1997 MUni Weekend.

Was there really a UK MUni Weekend in 1996? When was the first “official” or “organized” one? I know they started right around the same time but I think the name was picked up from my event.

This thread has prompted me to take a stab at organizing all the old scanned photos scattered and duplicated about my computer. I’ve got a few together. The ones below are from MUni Weekend 1, Auburn, CA in 1996.

  • The group at the trail-join point, going down the Stagecoach Trail. Our group included Brett “Bloodman” Bymaster, Roger Davies, Andy Cotter and Dana Schneider, the first person ever to pass Skill Level 10.
  • Riders heading out on the Confluence Trail
  • Jock Young, heading down the Salmon Falls Trail on day 2
  • George Peck, tackling the steepest part of Manzanita Trail
  • George teaching his Uphill Riding workshop
  • Another scene from the Uphill Riding workshop






hahahaah awesome! all those old unis!..i can’t even tell what they are

Now for some older MUni pictures, in rough chronological order:


  • Me riding on a log, July 1981
  • Bradley Bradley dropping in, late 1981
  • A fender for my Schwinn, lat 1981
  • My 1983 Christmas card; a visit to New York's Central Park after the USA and IUF festivals that summer
  • Things Not To Do #1, Bradley Bradley riding down sand dunes; summer 1986
  • George Peck on the beach in Seward, Alaska, late 1980s
  • More George Peck
  • Joshua de la Mata, also in Central Park, circa 1988
  • Duncan Castling and Mini Mansell, first time riding the Polaris Challenge, 1994 or 95? [/LIST]







  • Most of them are Miyatas and Schwinns with 24" tires. :slight_smile: George’s was all custom, 26" and I’m pretty sure he was already riding splined then. The Telfords and Pashley Munis came later!

    hahaha…i wish i had unicycled “back then”

    like…late 90’s and early 2000’s :stuck_out_tongue:

    The picture of Duncan Castling at the Polaris Challenge is not with Mini but with his brother. Mini was riding about that time, but this is not him.

    DSchmitt - you don’t know how lucky you are to ride now than it was then! There were vertually no unicycles available and thoses that there were, were of very low quality. The saddles were a form or torture and the cranks/hubs were made of cheese.

    There is my first carbon fibre unicycle in the picture with me. I still ride this unicycle! now with a 24" wheel instead of 26" and a different saddle.


    Can any one recognice Dan Heaton in the pictures? :slight_smile:

    great thread! thanks for posting this pics!

    Yup, and Beirne Konarski, the creator of unicycling.org! :slight_smile:

    Wow, those pictures are pretty rockin’. Thanks for the replies. It’s hard to fathom that mountain unicycling has been around since at least '81.

    I have to ask my father, it might be he has some pics of this time, but he was no friend of my unicycling theese days (started 1981), he thought it was to ridiculous for a man to do:(
    today he is proud of my riding - things change by time;)
    he is 84 now.:slight_smile: