Old school double wide rim?

I just bought a old school Vagabond “BMX 24” bike.

The reason I am posting is because it has 24" rims with nearly the same exterior width as an Alex DX32. Are wide DH type rims not a new thing? How can I tell if it is a double wall or single? Would they make good MUni rims?


Info on the rim:


Take the tire off and see it it has 2 walls in it.

I’ve continued riding the bke and now the rim has three v-shaped dents in it and is rather out of true, I guess it isn’t as strong as I had hoped. Oh well, it can stay on my bke I guess. I’ll just keep doing trials with my KH rim.

I would still be interested to know if wide rims where common on old BMX bikes? And where there old unicycles that have very wide rims?