Old Qu-AX cranks

I have an old QU-AX muni with bmx style cranks, I currently have 175mm and would like something smaller

normally you should have a yellow hub and always one crank loosing ?

change your uni ?

I’ve sadly not once seen those cranks for sale separately in the decade since I owned a second hand 24" Qu-Ax muni with the old splined interface. I like you suffered with 175s!

I would normally recommend changing the hub, but then the issue is that they’re 48h and you’ll struggle to get a 48h ISIS hub.

It’s not overly helpful, but in this situation I’m with @bouin-bouin - keep an eye out for something to replace that relic!

I already have enough uni’s just trying to make this one more usable.

try writing https://www.henrys-online.de a mail. From what I know, they still have few left!
(they are not on the site, but I saw them in the warehouse last time I visited them, even a full kit with hub!


Are the cranks still for sale? I’m interested if they’re ISIS. Are they 175mm and not 170mm?

write 'am a mail please, I do not know about their warehouse!

When I contacted them they had a few 145’s for sale (and I bought a pair), these are not isis cranks though.

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