Old/New Vid - Kelly Hickman

I noticed that it has a small pause before each clip, Ive got the same problem with my vids now…

Anyone know what the problem is?

Kelly! I love this vid bro. Miss you too man. Cannot wait for end of June to come around. Having you and spencer up here will be rediculous man. This vid deserved to get bumbed again. Sick blind slides, and fast as hell 180 out of a rail. Most people come to a damn near stop before busting the 180 (I do). Nope not here though, just right out of the rail as if almost hit backwards.

-Shaun Johanneson

very nice,you’re a great rider !!! :astonished:
some nice grinds an flips in it!!! :astonished:
and I like the music :roll_eyes: :slight_smile: